On July 6, 21 University of Michigan- Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute (UM-SJTU JI) students visited the Siemens Gas Turbine Research and Development Center in Shanghai. The event was organized by the JI Graduate School Student Association, where visiting students not only got to understand Siemens’ corporate culture and business model, but also gained valuable insight into their future career planning.

部门负责人向同学们介绍西门子公司的基本状况_副本Siemens’ staff briefing about the company

同学们在工程师引导下体验VR(虚拟现实)设备_副本Hands-on experience with a VR (virtual reality) device

Guided by Dr. Jie Zheng, Manager of the Materials and Technology Division, students were amazed by the clean, comfortable and state-of-the-art working environment which is equivalent to Siemens’ headquarter in Germany. Then, the students had the opportunity to test a VR (virtual reality) technology-based device whose life-like quality was an eye opener for the students. 

郑杰博士向参观的同学们介绍西门子的经典客户案例副本Dr. Jie Zheng showed a few cases of customers

Dr. Zheng briefly introduced Siemens’ global development, including China and current products of gas turbine. Siemens is one of the world’s giants in heavy-duty gas turbines. Regardless of the region and scale, Siemens gas turbines are always efficient, reliable and environment-friendly, with low life cycle costs and best return on investment to meet the stringent customer demands. Subsequently, the center has more than ten years of experience in HR and recruitment of the best talents in China. Dr. Zheng pointed out Siemens’ requirements on human resources and the three career paths including management, project management and technical expertise. He gave students valuable suggestions in terms of future employment with Siemens.
Finally, two SJTU alumni now working at Siemens shared their experiences of career development. Their dedication to work and loyalty to Siemens affected each student deeply. JI and Siemens have long-term close cooperation in capstone design, recruitment and other aspects. Both sides hope to reap more fruitful results in future collaboration.