On March 22, the University of Michigan- Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute (UM-SJTU JI) Science Club invited Dr. Wenhui Ma, an application engineer at Mathworks, China, to give a seminar at JI on MATLAB industrial data analysis.


Dr. Ma first introduced the Mathworks company to help students understand the background and development of MATLAB. Then he introduced the function characteristics of MATLAB from the aspects of MATLAB’s data type, advantages and application fields. He then explained in detail the principle of MATLAB in the matrix calculation and the advantages of using MATLAB parallel computing.


In addition, Dr. Ma briefly went over MATLAB’s powerful functions in numerical visualization and data analysis. Using real business examples, he demonstrated regression, classification and other data analysis models. He showed students how to use specific algorithms for the selection of characteristics, inspection and verification, model training and evaluation of the results.


Finally, Dr. Ma introduced the new features of MATLAB2017. He encouraged the students to study MATLAB and try to use it to solve problems. Students were interested and asked many questions.

Through this lecture, the students learned about the basic characteristics of MATLAB as well as its use in data analysis and data visualization. They have also understood the application of data analysis in the industry.