To celebrate the graduation of the University of Michigan-Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute’s (UM-SJTU JI) 2017 dual-degree students from UM, the SJTU Student and Alumni Association at UM held a graduation reception at the UM College of Engineering recently. Many VIPs were invited to this event.

Jun Ni

Jun Ni, JI Honorary Dean, first congratulated the students, “as graduates of the two top universities in China and the United States (SJTU and UM) they have endless potential and a bright future.” He expected them to show JI graduates’ global visions, multi-discipline training and innovative talents.

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Steve Dyer, Vice President of Ford’s Asia Pacific division, surprised the audience with his fluent Chinese speech. He shared advice on career development, encouraging the students to explore off the beaten tracks. “A different harvest often comes after an adventure,” he ensured.

Bin Zhao
Bin Zhao, Deputy Director of UM International Development Program, welcomed the graduates to join the global circle of the UM alumni and encouraged everyone to get actively involved.

Brian Noble
Brian Noble, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education at the UM College of Engineering, expressed gratitude to the parents for their support and sacrifices for their children to study abroad.

Ziqi Guo and Weitao Sun, stepping-down officers of the SJTU Student and Alumni Association at UM, reflected on their growth over the past two years. They appreciated the opportunity to broaden their horizons and develop global visions through interacting with faculty and students from different cultural backgrounds. They thanked parents and teachers for their support and dedication.

Finally, the new and former members of SJTU Students and Alumni Association at UM presented a gift to Jun Ni and Pam Byrnes, Director of JI’s US Office at UM, – an oil painting created by some dual-degree students. The painting depicts the Pearl of the Orient and the Statue of Liberty among other UM elements, symbolizing the long-lasting SJTU-UM collaboration which has greatly impacted classes of dual-degree students.

Group Photo
All the guests expressed their heartfelt congratulations to the 2017 dual-degree graduates, wishing them a bright future and becoming creative global leaders in all walks of life.