More than 120 dual-bachelor-degree-program and Global-Degree-Pathway-program students of the University of Michigan – Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute (UM-SJTU JI, JI hereafter) celebrated their graduation from UM in a reception event held at Chrysler Center on the UM Ann Arbor Campus recently.

In his congratulatory speech, JI Dean Chien-Pin Chen extended his blessings to the students and affirmed the resilience and courage demonstrated by the students during the pandemic. The JI education is committed to not only imparting knowledge, but also supporting students’ personal development, fostering their international perspectives, innovation, and interdisciplinary learning abilities, said the dean who wished everyone a smooth future and looked forward to the return of the dual-degree program students to the SJTU campus to complete their studies.

UM Vice-Provost Valeria Bertacco expressed her delight in celebrating the important moment with the graduates, and commended the students for their perseverance and successful completion of their studies despite the difficulties and challenges during the pandemic. She encouraged the graduates to apply their skills and knowledge to future careers and contribute to global challenges.

Kevin Pipe, associate dean for undergraduate education of the UM College of Engineering, expressed his gratitude for the strong bilateral partnership maintained between the College of Engineering and JI. He hoped that both sides could continue to deepen their cooperation and jointly cultivate more outstanding talents. The University of Michigan and the College of Engineering will always be a home for the students, and no matter where the students are, they can find a sense of belonging within the global alumni community, he said.

Vineet Kamat, the Director of Graduate Programs at UM College of Engineering, urged the graduates to pursue further education and strive for breakthroughs in their respective fields. Recognizing the strong abilities and academic potential of JI students, UM wholeheartedly encourages and welcomes them to continue pursuing their academic aspirations in Ann Arbor, said Kamat.

Jiayi Pan, a representative of the JI Class of 2023, shared his educational journey at SJTU and UM. He highlighted the rigorous JI courses and projects that provided him with a strong professional foundation and the opportunity to forge meaningful friendships. Pan said JI offers students not only a high-quality international education but also positive guidance that shapes their lives, empowering them to continuously progress and explore paths for future societal development.

JI Associate Dean for Academic Affairs David Hung, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education Gang Zheng, faculty and alumni representatives also sent congratulatory and blessing video messages to the event.

JI International Programs Office Manager Viva Du (first from the left)  and Dean Chien-Pin Chen (fourth from the left) take photo with students.

Group photo of event attendees

Soon after the reception event, Dean Chen and JI students also attended the 2023 Spring Graduation Ceremony of UM held at the Chrysler Center.

With the kickoff of the summer semester of 2023, JI will continue to offer online courses and graduation options, as well as more choices for compulsory courses such as capstone projects, to ensure a smooth graduation process for international students.