The first lesson for the 2012 incoming JI students was given by Dean Ni at 8:30 on Monday morning, September 10, 2012. The auditorium at Dongzhong Yuan was packed with eager students anticipating the exhortation from Dean Ni who would dedicate 1.5 hours from his busy schedule to the new students.
20120912101431843184After expressing his congratulations, Dean Ni warned the students to adjust their mind set about being the top students. At JI, every student is brilliant and extraordinary, which may come as a shock for some students to absorb.
Dean Ni emphasized the importance of time management skill in order to survive at JI. Nobody but the students themselves is in control of their lives. Students should exert self discipline.
JI freshmen face three transition hurdles: (1) The study method is different in college. For every hour of lecture, a student should spend 3-5 hours in studying and homework. (2) Team work is expected in many courses. Students should find the balance in being a team player. (3) Open-ended problems are prevalent and would entail discussion among the students, but the honor code has to be abided by.
Dean Ni encouraged the students to explore the JI resources and campus life. Besides study, students should participate in clubs, volunteer work, competitions, and internship to develop their potential and cultivate skills of communication, leadership, and team work. People skill and networking are also critical for successful career in the future. In summary, JI students should study hard and play hard.DSC_0817副本
If the students have any difficulty in study or life, they should not hesitate to seek help from the faculty and staff. JI faculty’s office hours are a unique luxury in China’s universities, of which students should take full advantage.
Dean Ni quoted his mentor, the late Prof. Shien-Ming (Sam) Wu, as a maxim for the new students: “The key factors of success are: (1) IQ: 10%, which one has no control of; (2) opportunity: 20%, which is fleeting; (3) hard work and perseverance: 70%, which one has full control of. “
DSC_0926At the Q&A, the majority of the questions still center on dual degree. Dean Ni stresses that there is absolutely no difference in students’ future whether they pursue the dual degree or study for 4 years at JI. Therefore, he suggested the students to opt for the latter route for financial saving and resource utilization.
One and a half hours flew by as the students were engrossed by the Dean’s talk. Dean Ni reassured that he would call for a town hall meeting in a few months to touch base with the students.   He wished  the students good luck.