Lai Hongkun, a graduate student of Prof. Huan Qi, has won an Excellent Student Paper Award from the National Laser Material Processing Conference held in Wenzhou on November 7-10, 2012.

The conference was attended by renowned scholars and entrepreneurs in laser material processing and optoelectronics industry. More than 134 papers were submitted for presentation.

Lai Hongkun’s paper is titled “Micromachining of Metals and Thermal Barrier Coatings Using a 532 nm Nanosecond Fiber Laser,”in which a 532 nm nanosecond pulsed Ytterbium fiber laser was used to study the physical interactions between pulsed laser beam and metal or ceramic materials. By comparing modeling and experimental data, optimized machining parameters were obtained with the aim of maximum process efficiency and minimum defects such as recast layer, edge protrusions, and microcracks. This study acquired holes with good performance, which made progress in laser precision manufacturing of the film cooling holes on turbine blade.

Lai is greatly honored to be a winner of the Excellent Student Paper Award. He remarked, “I appreciate that my advisor and team members helped me a lot. I still remember that my advisor gave me many valuable suggestions on this paper. No achievement was obtained without their efforts.” He is encouraged that his academic endeavor has been recognized by the prize. Lai commented, “I am going to concentrate on research with great passion to repay my teacher and schoolmates.”