2012 Winter Capstone Projects Oral Defense and Design Expo took place in the library of Shanghai Jiao Tong University on December 19, 2012. In the morning, two oral defense sessions proceeded concurrently. In the afternoon, an exhibition showcased 15 capstone projects, 18 VG100 projects, and 1 project from VX401 Seminar “Entrepreneurship.” The biannual one-day event attracted a big crowd. Besides students, faculty, and staff, a great number of supportive parents showed up to cheer their students, as well as representatives from the corporates, such as Siemens, Covidien, Intel, Dover, Hua Wei, National Instrument, etc.

The capstone projects cover a wide variety of areas, including smart energy, manufacturing, electric vehicles, transportation, network communication, and medical equipment. A breakthrough this time is that 11 out of 15 capstone projects are sponsored by corporates, including Covidien(3 projects), Intel (3 projects), Siemens(3 projects), & Dover(2 projects).

Mechanical Design of An Innovative Actuation System for Gas Turbine

Based on the design effort and oral defense, the winners of the capstone projects were selected:

Gold prize: Mechanical Design of An Innovative Actuation System for Gas Turbine

Instructor: Prof. Vincent Chang; Sponsor: Siemens

Team members: Zhengyi Tan , Wenda Han , Xiaoran Li, Shaodong Chen

The team designed a two-stage actuation system and used entirely different power transmission chain in each stage. The first stage is an elastic ring design with PTFE sliding pad and roller bearing support while the second stage is a rigid ring design with pedestal support. Their innovative mechanism can endure thermal expansion under 150 C working temperature which is important in real operation. The project provides an innovative solution to a classic problem.

Silver prize: Video Codec Auto Testing (Phase II)

Instructor: Shane Johnson; Advisor: Vincent Chang; Sponsor: Intel

Team members: Shibo Luo, Xuebin Yan, Xiaojie Yuan, Jiacheng Gu

The objective of this project is to design and implement software to test the performance of various codecs in an automatic way. The software can detect almost all kinds of common codec errors and it can deal with the asynchronization problem of video codec caused by network delay or other factors. In addition, the software has a user friendly interface and visualized testing result, which is of strong commercial potential.

Mechanism Design of an Underactuated Prothetic Hand

Silver prize: Mechanism Design of an Underactuated Prothetic Hand

Instructor: Prof. Kai Xu

Team members: Yuheng Du , Xueying Hou, Tianwei Wang, Tao Xu

The team designed an actuator that can control 20 joints of a prosthetic hand which is capable of manipulating a ball.

VG100 projects aim to improve daily living. Visitors were fascinated by students’ interesting and practical inventions such as a smart pot, automatic garbage can, water dispenser, rotary table, bike finder, remote control for electronic gadgets, rotating LCD screen, etc.

Coin Collector

For the first time, VG100 projects were also judged and three winning projects were announced:

Gold prize: Coin Collector that sorts and calculates the total amount

Instructor: Prof. Peisen Huang, Masaco Iwanmoto, Yichao Yao, Jingkui Wang

Team members: Jinhuai Lu, Mo Chen, Zimu Chen, Yijia Wang, Hongxi Jin

Spinning LED Screen

Silver prize: Intelligent Medicine System that can dispense medicine as prescribed

Instructor: Prof. Peisen Huang, Masako Iwamoto

Team members: Wenqi Dong , Xiang Li, Zhentao Xu , Zhi Zhang, Tiantong Zhou

Silver prize: An Intelligent Chess Board for Othello Chess

Instructor: Prof. Peisen Huang, Masako Iwamoto

Team members: You Li, Xiangxuan Ge , Minkuan Yan , Tao Lu , SihaoYao

Representatives from the corporates were very impressed by the achievements of the JI students. Ren Chao from Siemens commented, “I am very pleased with the students’ creativity. We thank Tan’s team for inventing a new actuation system for Siemens, and we look forward to further cooperation.” Zhou Jie from Hua Wei remarked, “The idea of developing an app to remotely control all electronic gadgets is very clever.” He already sat down with Vincent to discuss the possibility of collaboration. A freshman’s parent exclaimed, “The VG100 projects proved our students are formidable. As a parent, I am so proud. Thank JI for teaching our children well. If I were to do again, I would choose JI once more.”