Viva Du, the International Program Coordinator, giving a briefing

The UM-SJTU Joint Institute welcomed 50 students to campus this past weekend for the summer semester. Students arrived on Thursday, May 10th, and were greeted at the airport by their “buddies” and program staff ready to escort them to the Minhang campus. No activities were scheduled on Saturday in order to allow time for students to get settled into the rooms and familiar with the campus and surrounding area.

Orientation was held on Sunday afternoon. The event kicked off with a short video on Shanghai which included the city’s history, customs, geographic features and other important things to know. Orientation continued with a welcome by Viva Du and short presentations on important topics such as getting around campus, emergency contact information, and navigating course schedules. After the official orientation presentations, students participated in a campus-wide “Amazing Race” where they grouped up in teams of 5 or 6 and went on a nearly 2-hour scavenger hunt. Ten locations were chosen carefully to reflect campus resources that students would find useful. Locations included the new library, the student service center, Bank of China, Si Yuan Lake, and the F teaching building. Students returned to the main orientation location where the first 3 teams to finish received prizes. Students also viewed a short video on China’s history. The session ended with final reminders, a Q&A session, and a group photo.

Students studying the maps of the scavenger hunt

Students studying the maps of the scavenger hunt

Having snacks at an outdoor café in the campus

Having found the giant “M” in the campus

Group photo of the students with volunteers