This year’s JI graduate students recruitment summer camp took place from July 17h to 19h. Seventy students from China’s best universities attended the three-day event to learn more about JI’s graduate program, meet with faculty members, visit their labs, and discuss potential research opportunities. These prospective graduate students could join JI in the fall of 2014.

Prof. Olivier Bauchau described the summer camp activities

The three-day program was very intensive. At the open ceremony, Prof. Olivier Bauchau, Associate Dean for Graduate Education, gave an introduction of the JI. He described the activities of the summer camp, including English interview, meeting with faculty members, and one-to-one interview, which would provide ample opportunity for faculty members to evaluate the students. On the first day, students were divided into several groups to meet with the professors and have a better understanding of their research fields.

Prof. David Hung introduced his research topics

Dr. Shane Johnson interviewed a student

The next two days were dedicated to English interviews and technical interviews. The English interviews focus on student’s listening/reading comprehension and the ability to discuss non-technical topics in English. The technical interviews evaluate the student’s engineering background.

In the afternoon of July 19, the recruitment summer camp came to a successful conclusion. The outcome of the summer camp activities and interviews is especially important this year. Student’s performance will not only be the basis for admission to JI’s graduate program, but will also be used to award up to 11 Covidien Presidential Scholarships to the most deserving students. These coveted awards offer each recipient ¥18,000 per year for two years in addition to their regular stipend.