The University Physics Competition is an international contest for undergraduate students, who work in teams of up to three students at their home universities all over the world. It is officially sponsored by the American Physical Society and American Astronomical Society. In the 4th edition of the contest, the students spent 48 hours during the weekend of 15th to 17th November 2013, analyzing an open-ended real-world scenario, and writing a formal solution paper describing their work.
The 4th University Physics Competition concluded with 120 teams from all over the world submitting their papers for judging. 52 teams selected “Problem A – Gravitationally Assisted Jupiter Orbital Entry” and 67 teams selected “Problem B – Extraterrestrial Life.” The 2013 University Physics Competition saw a significant increase in the number of participants.  The last year’s success of the JI students in the competition ( JI students win Gold Medal in the 3rd University Physics Competition) has also contributed to the growing popularity of the contest among the JI students. In this year’s competition the Joint Institute has also strongly marked its presence, with one team winning the Silver Medal and five teams being awarded the Bronze Medal.
Silver Medal
* Liang Shucheng, Dong Yingda, Jiang Weifu (problem B)
Bronze Medal
* Li Yanrong, Wang Qian, Luo Jiajing (problem B)
* Fan Zhiyi, Liu Yunsheng, Li Zhengbo (B)
* Liu Liang, Yang Chenjun Bronze (B)
* Li Shizun, Sun Haitian, Yuan Peng (B)
* Wang Zeming, Fan Yiming, Dong Tianlai (B)
Three other teams’ work has been recognized with the title of ‘Accomplished Competitor’.  These were the teams of Xu Pengfei, Zhou Shixiang, Wang Kaiwei (problem B), He Qinyue, Jiang Jiahao, Luo Chen (B), and Yin Gongshun, Miao Yichen, Ge Haowen (A).
Of the 120 papers submitted in the 2013 University Physics Competition, 2 teams (1.7%) were ranked as Gold Medal Winners, 21 teams (18%) were ranked as Silver Medal Winners, 32 teams (27%) were ranked as Bronze Medal Winners, and 65 teams (54%) were ranked as Accomplished Competitors.
JI’s physics lecturer Dr. Mateusz Krzyzosiak was the faculty advisor of all JI teams.
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