The winner list of the Shanghai Municipal 1000-Talent Program has just been announced. JI Associate Professor Andreas Mueller wins the award, as the fourth JI faculty member to receive this honor.
Prof. Mueller obtained Habilitation (Dr.-Ing.habil., the highest degree in Germany) from University Duisburg-Essen, Germany. Before joining JI in 2013, he had been an Associate Researcher and Deputy Manager of the Research Institute of Mechatronics in Chemnitz, Germany, where he had led the development of dynamics simulation software. He has been actively working in the areas of nonlinear multibody dynamics and robot control/design. He has contributed in Lie group algorithms for numerical simulation of complex multibody systems and screw theoretic methods for regularizing constraints in robotic manipulators.
Shanghai 1000-Talent Program was initiated in 2010 as one of Shanghai’s 16 major talent-recruitment projects. It aims to attract high-level experts from overseas to help with the strategic developments of Shanghai.
So far, Prof. Mueller and three other JI faculty members have been selected into this program. Besides, JI boasts four senior faculty members in the National 1000-Talent Program and three junior faculty members in the Youth 1000-Talent Program. JI’s top-notch faculty team is the key to JI’s success in engineering future global leaders.