Mr. Jiang Sixian, the newly appointed SJTU Party Secretary, visited JI on March 25, 2014. JI’s Dean Jun Ni, Party Secretary and Associate Dean Xinwan Li, along with some JI leaders, teachers, and administrators, attended the meeting.


Dean Ni introduced JI’s history and current status. He showed Mr. Jiang JI’s successful educational system as the testing ground of China’s higher education reform and JI’s unique management model with the Board and Academic Program Group (APG). Ni pointed out,“JI’s success is significantly attributed to the fact that leaders of both UM and SJTU pay great attention to and participate actively in JI’s development.” Jun Ni also explained how JI cultivates innovative global leaders by teaching students honor codes, critical thinking, hands-on capabilities, team work, and communication skills.
Then Mr. Jiang listened carefully to the reports of JI’s teacher and administrative representatives. He asked many detailed questions about JI’s current and future challenges. He remarked that currently both universities are experiencing transition in leadership; during the critical phase we should keep faith and work harder for JI’s development. He gave invaluable professional suggestions on expanding JI’s major offers, increasing international student enrollment, improving junior faculty’s carrier path, and promoting international collaborations. He emphasized that SJTU is helping the Joint Institute solve problems step by step and move toward JI’s strategic goals.
At the end of the meeting, Jiang Sixian concluded, “JI’s achievement is inseparable from both universities’ support and the JI’s hard work.   As China is working toward opening up her higher education to the world, JI’s internationally recognized achievement in educating innovative global leaders will continue to set an example for SJTU to progress into  a world-class technology university.”