The final Contest of SJTU’s English Websites was held on April 14 in the SJTU Minhang campus. Yi Yuan, JI’s Marketing and Communications Manager, was present for the defense and evaluation of JI’s English website. Among the 24 contest entries, JI wins the first prize as SJTU’s best English website for her technical support, website design, contents, and functionality.
Since her founding in April 2006, the Joint Institute has always put great importance on developing a website for serving her high-level education and for promoting and influencing the development of international education. JI won the best English website of SJTU in 2010. Nevertheless, JI’s website has not stopped improving. In 2013 a brand new website was unveiled with the cooperation and support of all faculty and staff as well as the unconditional support of Michigan Creative, a web-development specialist team from University of Michigan, which reflects the collaboration between the two universities.
As the window of an intentional education institute, JI’s new English website aims to serve visitors from all over the world. It strives to keep improving in technology, design, functionality, and contents, so all faculty and staff, students, parents, and interested people can get the most updated information about JI.
Results of SJTU English Website Contest

School Laboratory(Department) Function




UM-SJTU Joint Institute Institute of Natural Science
SJTU-Paris Tech Elite Institute of Technology
Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance
Antai College of Economics and Management




Mechanical Engineering Zhang Xiaonong Task Force – BiomedicalMetallic Materials and Devices Laboratory President’s Office
Life Science and Biotechnology Microbial Oceanography Laboratory
KoGuan Law School Health Mechatronics and Biological Robotics Laboratory
Materials Science and Engineering




Aeronautics and Astronautics Department of Automation Home Network
Electronic, Information, and Electrical Engineering Lu Boxun Food Safety Research Center Network Information Center
Entrepreneurship and Innovation School of Microelectronics Laboratory and Equipment
Bio-X Research Institute
Molecular Microbial Ecology and Ecological Genetics Group Laboratory