A Joint Institute delegation led by Honorary Dean Jun Ni visited Zhenzhou No.1 High School in Henan Province recently.  The delegates brought a rich program to the students, including a Master’s Lecture titled “Comparison of high education and innovation system in China and the U.S.” by Ni and an exhibition of JI students’ innovative projects which has sparked the young people’s passion for science and technology.


JI delegation visiting  Zhengzhou  No.1 High School


Dean Ni comparing the education in China and the U.S.

In his speech, Jun Ni gave a thorough analysis of how to combine the best features of China’s and the U.S. systems, based on JI’s successful experience in international education. Using the analogy of martial art, he argued that the Chinese students first learn to master every move but are lost in the real match; while the American students are thrown into the battle before learning any move. Therefore, the American students are motivated to learn from their weakness. As the founder of the Joint Institute and the ambassador of Sino-American engineering education and scientific research, Ni emphasized JI’s mission of cultivating world-class engineers and innovative leaders on China’s soil by fusing the strong suits of both the Chinese and the American systems. The Joint Institute makes it possible for students to study abroad without going abroad.


JI Assistant Professor Shane Johnsons showing a hovercraft made by JI students

JI Assistant Professor Shane Johnsons demonstrated a few of JI freshmen’s Vg-100 projects, including an amphibian hovercraft, a magic hot hat, and a candy-tossing robot arm. The creative and imaginative projects stimulated the students’ interest in learning at JI.


JI students Zhiyuan Wang(left) and Jingyuan Wang sharing their experiences

Besides the dazzling technology, the JI delegation brought two mysterious but familiar members, JI students Zhiyuan Wang and Jingyuan Wang, back to their alma mater to give pointers on entrance-exam preparation and college selection.


Jun Ni answering students’ questions


JI Recruitment Manager Ms. Wang talking about major selection

JI’s visit aims to help high school students understand the learning environment of a university and the Master’s lecture provides guidance for the youth’s future direction. The event was extremely popular; the venue was packed full with students and parents, many standing throughout the lecture. The event also attracted many local media and there has been wide coverage by big names such as Xinhua, Guanming, Phoenix, Wenhui, and China Daily.
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