The undergraduate course of Introduction to Engineering of the University of Michigan – Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute (UM-SJTU JI, JI hereafter) has been listed as a first-class exemplary English course in Shanghai, according to a recently-released list of first-class undergraduate courses in 2022 by the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission.

Professor Shane Johnson gives an Introduction to Engineering lecture at the JI Teaching Lab.

Introduction to Engineering is a compulsory course for JI freshman students conducted in English by a team of faculty members including Yanfeng Shen, Mian Li, Qiang Zhang, Peisen Huang, Shane Johnson, Yulian He, Manuel Charlemagne, Ting Sun, Nathaniel Murray, Michele Campbell, Irene Wei.

 “Introduction to Engineering” student teams display their projects during the JI design expo.

As an elementary course aiming at shaping students engineering ethics, skills and ideas, the Introduction to Engineering course combines “engineering science and technology” with “technical exchange”, and establishes a student-centered, project-oriented curriculum teaching form that integrates theory, design and practice. It provides a comprehensive education platform for cultivating students’ engineering awareness, practical ability, innovation spirit and teamwork capabilities.