The University of Michigan-Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute (UM-SJTU JI, JI hereafter) has announced the establishment of its Cross Culture Center on the occasion of an SJTU cultural event on June 18.

In a ceremony held during the SJTU Dragon Boat Festival Cultural Exchange Event at the first-floor lobby of the Long Bin Building, JI Dean Chien-Pin Chen unveiled the plaque of the center with SJTU United Front Work Department Head Weigang Zhang, witnessed by invited leaders to the event and more than 100 attendees from home and abroad. The cultural event, sponsored by the Shanghai Overseas Returned Scholars Association (SORSA), was co-hosted by JI and the SJTU branch of the association.

Unveiling ceremony of JI Cross Culture Center

“The UM-SJTU Joint Institute has always strived to create a platform for cultural exchange. We aim to foster understanding among diverse civilizations, broaden students’ global perspectives, and instill a sense of patriotism,” said Ming Yang, Chairman of the JI Council. “The Cross Culture Center will provide SORSA members, our faculty and staff, students, alumni, and valued partners with a space for learning, communication, and fostering meaningful friendships.”

The establishment of the cultural exchange center is part of the JI’s continuous efforts to build a world-class institute of international education in China for nurturing future leaders with global visions. Since 2006, JI has attracted more than 700 international students from 40 countries pursuing degrees or taking short-term exchange programs.

Following the unveiling ceremony, the Dragon Boat Festival event attendees were taken to the second floor of the Long Bin Building, where a festival-themed garden fair was held. In addition to partaking in traditional Chinese folk cultural activities, such as sticky rice dumpling making, sachet crafting, and colorful rope tying, visitors can also experience cultures of different countries at cultural stands and food stalls set up by JI international students.

Group photo of event attendees


On-site scenes of the SJTU Dragon Boat Festival event