A pair of mechanic hands playing the piano, a robot picking up tennis balls deftly, and a live version of “King of Fighters” unfolding…These are just some of the highlights of the 2013 JI Winter Design Expo which was held in the new library of Shanghai Jiao Tong University on December 18, 2013. The exhibition showcased 21 Capstone projects (Ve450, Vm450), 20 Vg100 (Introduction to Engineering) projects, 8 business projects (Vx421 Leadership and Business Management), and 1 Innovative Practice Program (IPP) project. The flagship event of JI attracted a large crowd of students, faculty and staff, parents, and corporates representatives.


In the exhibition hall, the “J-Eye” head mounted display device (HMD) was a traffic stopper. It achieves the similar functions of video generation and projection by fiber-optic techniques as numerous other HMDs in the market while being free of electromagnetic radiation and cost effective.  J-Eye is a clever homonym of JI, implying JI students’ creativity and passion for learning.


Another invention that received accolade was “Glove Keyboard,” with which the user transforms the bending of fingers into resistance change that distinguishes the key being pressed. Thus, the glove replaces the inconvenient and rigid traditional keyboard. This is a Vg100 (Introduction to Engineering) project, where the freshmen worked in teams and accomplished the jobs in 2 months.


“Applying technology to daily living” is one of the themes throughout every single JI design expo. This time, many projects have fulfilled the purpose. The most eye-catching project is “Real-time Carer for the Elders” in which a heart rate sensor for pulse change, a gyro sensor for fall, two Bluetooth modules to send phone messages, LEDs, and an Android smart phone form a sensor-actuator system that intends to detect an old person’s fall and alert the care taker. This project derives from the need of a team member’s family, as the Chinese population ages. It is a perfect example of the technology’s benefit for daily living.


Corporate sponsorship is a characteristic of the capstone design at JI. Of the 21 projects, 15 are sponsored by corporate giants such as Covidien(3), Siemens(3), Intel(1), GE(4), Giti(1), HP(3). One example is “Low–Scaling Home RO System” (phase III) sponsored by GE, which aims to extend the life span of a drinking water filtration system. This invention could solve the problem of reduced life span of water filters due to bad water quality in the northwest of China. This design has the potential to be evaluated by the industry and put into production to improve the livelihood of the people in China’s hinterland.




In the exhibition hall, there were also many other amazing innovations, such as “Automatic Tennis Ball Collector” that is back-saving and super-efficient, ”Magic Pianist” that helps pupils practice the piano, “Electronic Blackboard Cleaner and Writer” that enhances teaching and efficient blackboard writing,   “The EyeGuard System” that corrects users’ posture in order to protect eyesight, ”Real Parkour” that combines exercise and entertainment. Every project demonstrates JI students’ intelligence and creativity. To apply knowledge and solve problems of daily living has been the focus of JI’s education model.
The list of Capstone Design Project winners:

  • Gold prize: Full-Field Blood Perfusion Measurement Using New Infrared Techniques- Feasibility Study
  • Silver prize: Auto-Pilot Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (Fixed Wing)
  • Silver prize: Improving Design Workflow, BOM Management and Drawing Standards for PDM Implementation

The list of Vg 100 Project winners:

  • The first prize: Carer for the Elders
  • The second prize: Automatic Tennis Ball Collector
  • The third prize: Electronic Blackboard Cleaner and Writer & Real KOF

For more information, please check JI Design Expo on LibGuide