The 46th Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) Sports Game kicked off at 8 a.m. on March 19. The I❤SJTU- themed event lasted 2 days, including opening parade, group gymnastic performance, track and field competitions, group competitions and carnival games.

At the opening parade, each school team tried to compete with imaginative and innovative ideas, such as dragon dance, smart cars, fashion show, etc.

IMG_7787_副本Three JI foreign students leading the JI parade team

IMG_7790_副本JI faculty marching with JI’s tenth anniversary logo

DSC_7733_副本Two smart cars sporting JI’s signature yellow and blue colors making the way for  I’s parade team

DSC_2646_副本 As the major body of the JI parade team, JI students in bright yellow sweat shirts upheld JI’s motto: “Internationalization,” “Innovation,” “Interdisciplinary,” “Quality, ”  followed by faculty/staff gymnastic team in blue sweat shirts and two lively Blue Tigers.


As the JI team marched in front of the podium, a cadence of  “Blue Tiger, Go Fighting!” erupted with high spirit. JI team took home the first prize.

DSC_7864_副本JI faculty/staff gymnastic performance won the third prize

DSC_2693_副本JI student parade team