JI Assistant Professor Hua Bao and his team ’s research results on 2-dimensional material thermal conductivity have been published recently by both Physical Review B and Applied Physics Letter.
Silicene is a new 2-dimensional material with a similar structure as graphene but has more potential as material for electronic device due to its energy gap and ability to be seamlessly integrated with silicon-based electronic devices. Contrary to scientific expectation that silicene has the same high thermal conductivity as graphene, Prof. Bao’s group has proved that the thermal conductivity of silicene is not only lower than that of graphene but also far lower than that of bulk silicon due to the asymmetry in silicene’s structure. Prof. Bao’s team suggests that 2-dimensional material of low thermal conductivity may be used in thermoelectric conversion device to improve the efficiency of direct conversion from heat to electricity.
Prof. Bao’s research focuses on the simulation of heat transfer, from the atomic to continuum scale. His research has potential applications in thermoelectric conversion and heat dissipation of microelectronic devices. In 2014, Prof. Bao’s group had 5 journal papers published or accepted, with topics including first-principles simulation, molecular dynamics simulation, Boltzmann transport equations, and continuum scale modeling.

 baohua -2

Prof. Hua Bao (2nd from the right) and his research team

Prof. Bao received his Bachelor of Science degree from Tsinghua University in 2006 and Ph.D. degree from Purdue University in 2012. In 2011, he won the Bilsland Dissertation Fellowship, which provides support for outstanding Ph.D. candidates to complete their final year of study. He joined the JI in 2012 as an assistant professor and was awarded funding from National Science Foundation of China (NSFC) in 2013. As described by his students, Prof. Bao is an outstanding researcher with a solid background in his research area as well as an amiable mentor. He often works together with his students and always tries his best to help them.
Prof. Hua Bao’s webpage: http://umji.sjtu.edu.cn/~hbao/
Journal Background:
Physical Review is an American peer-reviewed scientific journal established in 1893. It publishes original research as well as scientific and literature reviews on all aspects of physics. It is published by the American Physical Society (APS). The journal is in its third series and is split into ABCDE sub-journals, each covering a particular field of physics.
Applied Physics Letters published by the American Institute of Physics, features concise, up-to-date reports on significant new findings in applied physics. Emphasizing rapid dissemination of key data and new physical insights.