The University of Michigan-Shanghai Jiao Tong University Join Institute (UM-SJTU JI, JI hereafter) Associate Professor Chong Han has emerged as one of the 2023 Shanghai Jiao Tong University Ko Guan Top Ten Teachers, following a rigorous evaluation process. The final round of the competition was held on the evening of December 12  in the form of open class, including a lecture and a Q&A session.

Professor Han conducts his lecture during the final competition.

Professor Han, who also has dual appointments in the SJTU School of Electronic Information and Electrical Engineering and the Future Media Network Collaborative Innovation Center,  earned a Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 2016. He joined JI in the same year and established the Terahertz Wireless Communication Laboratory (TWC Lab).  His contributions extend beyond the classroom, as he serves as an expert member of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology IMT-2030 (6G) working group and holds the status of a senior member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). Professor Han’s accolades include the IEEE Communications Society Asia-Pacific Outstanding Young Scholar Award, Elsevier Journal Outstanding Young Scientist Award, and recognition in the 2022 Global Top 2% Scientists list.

JI students expressed their admiration for Professor Han’s teaching style and personal attributes. “In research, he advances and retreats with us, accompanies us in facing challenges and solving key scientific problems. In life, he reminds us to balance work and rest, set goals, and shares a positive life attitude,” said Yuanbo Li, a doctoral student enrolled in 2020. Third-year doctoral student Zhengdong Hu described Professor Han as “sincere and kind, making people feel as if bathed in a spring breeze,” highlighting his passion for inspiring creativity and emphasis on cultivating independent thinking. Zhifeng Hu who also enrolled in 2020 as doctoral student emphasized Professor Han’s caring and guidance, noting that “he often organizes interesting dinners and sports activities, bringing warmth and joy to our research journey.”

Professor Han stands with his students on the stage of the event.

The SJTU Ko Guan Top Ten Teachers competition was initiated by the graduate association of the university, aiming at selecting and awarding outstanding teachers on the SJTU campuses on annual basis. Chong Han is the seventh JI winner of the award, following David Hung, Mian Li, Chengbin Ma, Yapin Dan, Jun Zhang and Yanfeng Shen.