The University of Michigan-Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute (UM-SJTU JI, JI hereafter) has held an online election to generate the 2022-2023 members for the International Student Association (UM-SJTU JI ISA).

Based on online votes collected from students positioned in different parts of the world, Seungyeon Yang, a sophomore from South Korea, was elected president of the association. Junior student Pauline Wang from Canada and sophomore student Jovan Yap from Singapore were elected vice president. Junior student Berk Baykal from the United States, sophomore student Kantaphat Leelakunwet from Thailand and sophomore student Sofia Velasquez Shum from Costa Rica were elected ministers in charge of the operation, secretarial and public relations divisions of UM-SJTU JI ISA.

The newly elected ISA President Seungyeon Yang said:“I’m honored to be the president of ISA and have a such wonderful team. As you can see in our various nationalities, we all have great different abilities. We’ll always be here, so let us know with any kind of difficulties you meet; academics, school life, whatever. Our first goal would be making international students happier, more comfortable, and more enjoyable.”

As a main student organization of JI, UM-SJTU JI ISA serves as a bridge and link to unite the international students. The association is committed to promoting the friendship and cultural exchanges between Chinese and foreign students, leading the cultural construction of international campus, enhancing the sense of belonging and identity of international students.