Physics and Mathematics Specialized School, a leading educational complex in the Armenian capital city of Yerevan, welcomed four freshmen students from the University of Michigan-Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute (UM-SJTU JI, JI hereafter) on March 16 for the Chinese Culture Day event. Satenik Margaryan, Gor Tadevosyan,Arsen Boyajyan and Vahan Tadevosyan organized the event on the campus of their alma mater to help fellow students better understand China, a popular international education destination for Armenians.

Speaking of the event featuring a Chinese culture workshop, a Chinese calligraphy lesson, and an introduction to SJTU and JI, Margaryan enrolled at JI in September last year said, “We were inspired by interacting with Chinese people and learning about their culture and wanted other students to learn about it and choose China as their study-abroad country.”

The four JI students display calligraphic work at Armenian school.

Arsen Boyajyan, who has been learning Chinese calligraphy for years, said the calligraphy lesson was included because it represents Chinese culture’s beauty and sophistication, offering a glimpse into Chinese history and philosophy while encouraging cross-cultural understanding. “Nearly 30 high school students attending the lesson were impressed by the characters’ meanings and enjoyed the calligraphy process.”

Group photo of some Armenian students attending the Chinese Culture Day

Since joining JI, the four Armenian students have felt “extremely positive” about their overseas study experience. “We look forward to further immersing ourselves in the Chinese culture and its rich cultural heritage. JI is a remarkable institution that successfully combines world-class academics with a dynamic, technologically advanced city like Shanghai. The university provides an ideal setting for academic excellence and personal growth, while the city offers many opportunities for cultural and social experiences,” said Margaryan.

The Physics and Mathematics Specialized School, colloquially known as PhysMath School, is a state-owned high school founded in 1965 affiliated with the Yerevan State University.