Two doctoral students of the University of Michigan – Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute (UM-SJTU JI, JI hereafter) showcased their exceptional talents in the recent 2023 Boxue Zhiyuan Doctoral Academic Forum held at Chen Ruiqiu Building of SJTU Minhang Campus. Tianxin Wang and Tianyu Wang were awarded the First Prize and the Third Prize respectively for their excellent oral presentations.

Tianxin Wang (Second right) was awarded the First Prize for oral presentation

Forty-five students, primarily enrolled in the 2020 cohort of the SJTU Zhiyuan Honors Program, participated in the oral presentation competition at the forum. The doctoral students were divided into three sub-venues including engineering, science, and life science, where they delivered oral presentations on their respective research endeavors.

Tianxin Wang focuses on the research of 6G mesh networking architecture design and scheduling methods. She discussed the broad applications of 6G mesh networking and presented a closed-loop research approach to enhance network functionality and service quality. Her work on a slicing resource management framework, called LinkSlice, was published in the prestigious IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications. As a doctoral student in the Information and Communication Engineering program under the joint supervision of JI Professor Xudong Wang and Professor Geoffrey Li from Imperial College London, Tianxin Wang has been recognized as an excellent student at SJTU and will pursue a joint training program at the UK-based Imperial College London in August.

Tianyu Wang focuses on the research of adaptive identification of non-steady-state production processes in flow-based industries. He addressed the challenges of batch production processes, proposing solutions such as an adaptive generalized recursive least squares filter and a framework for data imbalance issues. As a doctoral student in the Control Science and Engineering program under the joint supervision of SJTU Professor Mian Li and Professor Lihui Wang from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Sweden, Tianyu Wang has published four papers in high-level SCI journals, holds three granted invention patents and has been honored as an excellent student at SJTU. He embarked on a joint training program at KTH in January.

The SJTU Zhiyuan Honors Program is a doctoral program designed to cultivate future leaders in science, engineering, and technology who possess broad perspectives, scientific spirit, innovative abilities, and a sense of social responsibility. Its aim is to promote the development of an innovative training system for doctoral students. The program admits approximately 100 outstanding graduates each year who meet the basic requirements for direct admission to the doctoral program at SJTU and have obtained the qualification for recommendation without taking the entrance examination.