The University of Michigan-Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute (UM-SJTU JI, JI hereafter) celebrated its 18th anniversary and hosted an alumni homecoming event at Long Bin Building on April 6, coinciding with the 128th anniversary of SJTU.

While addressing the celebration event, Dean Chien-Pin Chen reviewed the past 18-year journey of the joint institute and summarized four key factors contributing to its success: a steadfast commitment to internationalization, a culture of innovation, the crucial role of alumni, and strong support from a vast community of stakeholders. “Looking ahead, let’s join hands to pursue our dreams and work out a new chapter of development for JI together,” he said.

Attendees watch a video displaying the alumni’s younger days and memories as JI students.

Founding Dean Jun Ni expressed great honor in attending the anniversary event, highlighting its significant achievements over the past eighteen years. JI has pioneered a new path for higher education reform, exemplifying excellence in Sino-foreign cooperative education and gaining international recognition. With a global alumni network exceeding four thousand, JI remains committed to innovation and development. It needs to address new challenges in education and technology, contributing actively to international educational cooperation and forging a brighter future, he said.

Deputy Party Secretary of SJTU College of Smart Energy Jiu Chen, who was the JI student counselor of the Class of 2014, expressed his excitement and gratification at seeing many familiar faces, especially the students who returned to campus after ten years of graduation. JI is bound to move on with its cultural heritage, create a warm and harmonious home for all students, and embrace a better future, he said.

Class of 2014 graduate representative Peizhou Zhao, who is the Investment Director at Shanghai Xiaomiao Langcheng Investment Management Co., Ltd., expressed gratitude to JI for shaping his scientific and engineering mindset, which has significantly benefited his professional endeavors. He credited the courses he completed at JI for providing him with a strong foundation, facilitating his success in the investment field. Zhao also expressed his desire to collaborate with fellow alumni to enhance the global reputation of both JI and SJTU brands.

JI leaders present certificates of appreciation to Dongfang Lan, a Class of 2013 alumnus,  for  his donation and support in establishing the JI Student Development Scholarship Retention Fund.

JI leaders present a certificate of appreciation to Haiping Zhang, a member of the China Artists Association and the Sculpture Society, for creating the bronze statue of Mr. Tang Junyuan at Long Bin Building.

A certificate of appreciation is presented to Dean Chien-Pin Chen for the donation from him and family members to support the JI Aesthetic Education Fund and the interior design of Long Bin Building.

In an official appreciation ceremony, JI leaders expressed their heartfelt gratitude to those who have supported  development  of JI and presented them with certificates of appreciation.

In his concluding remarks for the alumni homecoming event, Chairman of the JI Council Ming Yang thanked the alumni for their contributions and support to JI. He said the alumni have consistently supported educational initiatives, nurtured the institute’s culture, and continuously provided warmth and strength over the past 18 years. “Regardless of how the institute grows and expands, our care for students and alumni will remain unchanged. We hope our alumni will have the opportunity to come back more often.”

JI leaders cut a cake with a freshman student (in the middle) whose birthday coincides with the celebration date.

Group photo of attendees