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Laboratory of Smart Solids and Structures (S-Lab)


S-Lab develops intelligent solids and structures with programmable mechanical properties by transforming micro-architecture (often called “mesostructures” at ~mm cell size). The lab focuses on the design of materials while understanding the correlation of geometry and topology of micro-architecture with macroscopic properties.

We design reconfigurable mechanical metamaterials whose micro-architecture can be programmed with external stimuli – i) thermo-mechanical, ii) electro-magnetic, and iii) pneumatic controls.  The controlled micro-architecture can generate anisotropic properties with breaking symmetry – bulk modulus, shear modulus, Poisson’s ratio, thermal expansion, bandgaps, elastic wave guidance, etc.

We often use advanced manufacturing methods – 3D/4D printing to fabricate mesostructures with multi-materials, programming the material’s function with time.

S-Lab uses an integrated approach – i) analytical modeling, ii) numerical simulations, and iii) experimental validation. We use solid mechanics, structural dynamics, fabrication of programmable devices using soft robotics techniques, finite element (FE) based simulations, and experimental measurements.

While working on the fundamental research, we pursue applied research on “nonpneumatic tires,” where the PI has pioneered the development.

Laboratory of Smart Solids and Structures (S-Lab)