Academic Program Group

The Academic Program Group (APG) is a working group dedicated to assisting the Dean in decisions regarding UM-SJTU Joint Institute’s academic affairs including undergraduate and graduate programs, cooperative programs between the UM-SJTU Joint Institute and UM, faculty hiring, tenure and promotion policies and casebook evaluations, governance procedures, expansion of the UM-SJTU Joint Institute’s international programs etc.

Appointed by the Partnership Board, the APG members, include UM and SJTU personnel as follows:

UM Representatives:

Valeria Bertacco

Vice Provost for Engaged Learning & Arthur F. Thurnau Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Kevin Pipe

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education & Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Director of Graduate Degree Programs, College of Engineering

Michaela Zint

Arthur F Thurnau Professor and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, School for Environment and Sustainability, & Professor of Education, School of Education

Andries Coetzee

Professor of Linguistics, Associate Chair of Linguistics, Director Academic Program, Department of International Partnerships, College of Literature, Science, and the Arts and Sr Counselor to the Provost, Vice Provost Global and Engaged Education

Cliff Lampe

Professor of Information and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, School of Information

Aline Cotel

Arthur F Thurnau Professor, Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Director Academic Programs, International Programs, College of Engineering and Associate Professor of Program in the Environment, College of Literature, Science, and the Arts and School for Environment and Sustainability

 SJTU Representatives:

Chien-Pin Chen

Dean of JI

Ming Yang

Chairman of the JI Council

David Hung

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs of JI

Gang Zheng

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education of JI

Yongxing Shen

Associate Dean for Graduate Education of JI

Yanfeng Shen

Associate Dean for Research of JI