Other service


University hospital

Address: South to the South gym and dormitory #8 and #9

Service Hours: 8:00~11:25, 13:25~16:50

Fee: 1 RMB

For other times: Emergency treatment

Fee: 1.5 RMB


If it is an emergency, call the program assistants — IPO office, and we will arrange for someone to take you to the hospital/clinic.

If it is safe to move the injured or sick person, it is usually better to arrange for a faster way to go to the hospital (like calling for a taxi) than to wait for the ambulance to come as the ambulance takes you to the nearest hospital and not the hospital of your choice. Shanghai traffic does not yield to emergency vehicles.


If you need to go to the hospital or clinic, please prepare the following items:

1) Passport

2) Cash (preferred) or credit card

3) Any medical information that may be necessary.

4) Your medical/travel insurance details.

For general illness, the hospital listed below will generally help.

Shanghai Fifth People’s Hospital
The closest general hospital to campus:(10 mins. by taxi from Minhang Campus )
Add: 128 Ruili Road, Minhang District, Shanghai
Tel: +86(21)6430 8151
Website: http://www.5thhospital.com/

Shanghai Sixth People’s Hospital
Add: No.600 Yishan Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai
Tel: +86(21)64369181
Website: http://www.6thhosp.com/


1 ) The SJTU Student ID Card is very important document as this is used for identification purposes on campus and student discounts off campus.

2 ) Money can be stored into your Student ID Card and same as the “M bucks”, the value of which is consumable in the campus canteens, some restaurants on campus and the “Education Supermarkets” on campus.

3 ) The SJTU Student ID Card is also the only means to use facilities on campus such as the library, billiards place and the gyms.


You can add credits into your SJTU Student ID Card in the canteens (refer to the Campus Guide– Canteen Location section). There is an office offering charging service
If you lose your SJTU Student ID Card, you can go to SJTU Student ID Card Operation Managing Center (This is the tall building of the New library, the entrance is left to the library entrance) to rearrange it with a charge of RMB 20.


Washing machines on the 1st floor of your dormitory.
1 ) 4 RMB for a washing coin from the dorm lady or you could pay using WeChat.
2 ) One load is 3.5 Kg and is about 45 minutes.
3 ) If the surface of the machine is dirty, please clean it with rags instead of water.
4 ) Avoid moistening the coin; the machine may not work.

Lexue Laundry Service:
• ADD: Room 109, Floor 1, Student Service Center
• TEL: 5474 5516


General information
Foreign currencies can be exchanged at any banks in China at official rate (Check official rate: http://www.x-rates.com/).
Do not change money with people outside the bank
Although traveler’s checks can be changed in China, Not all banks accept traveler’s checks.
Transaction fee is charged for cash withdraws and the amount varies depending on your credit card company
Not all American credit cards are accepted in China. It has to be the ones with the “Visa” or “Mastercard” logos on.

Local Banking Service
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) – SJTU Branch
Location: Student Service Centre

Bank of China (BOC) – SJTU Branch
Location: Near to Canteen #4

Bank of China (ATM)
Location: 1. To the East of Canteen #2.
2. On the first floor of most teaching buildings.
3. Next to the Academic Activity Center.