Student Services

Medical Insurance

All international students studying at Shanghai Jiaotong University(SJTU) are required to buy insurance. When registering for each academic term, students should present valid insurance documents, otherwise they must buy the insurance suggested by the university. Further detailed policies and regulations are supplied in the insurance contract

Work-Study Program

SJTU encourages and supports students to participate in healthy and beneficial work-study activities during their after-school hours and holidays. A work-study program is thereby offered for all full-time students at SJTU which is in the charge of Student Affairs Center. For more work-study job opportunities, please refer to job information.

Housing on Campus

Dormitories are the homes where students live. At present, the undergraduate dormitories of UM-SJTU Joint Institute(JI) are mainly located in the D3 area. The male students live in the D20 and D22 dormitories, the female students live in the D21 dormitories, and the graduate students’ dormitories are arranged in the graduate students’ dormitories according to the school.

There are laundry room, boiled water room, bathroom and other service facilities in each building of student dormitory building, as well as reading room, party and League activity room and other student activity places. The dormitory building is equipped with independent toilet, shower room, water heater and a set of combined furniture for each person, and equipped with telephone interface, cable TV interface and LAN interface. While managing the dormitory, the dormitory management room provides various convenient services for students. Milk and purified drinking water are delivered to the dormitory, newspapers and magazines are delivered to the building.

Telephone number of undergraduate dormitory building:

  • D20: 021-54747127
  • D21: 021-54747128
  • D22: 021-54747129
  • About key: 021-54748220
  • Dormitory repair: 021-54742349

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Travel Report

In order to ensure the personal and property safety of students going out, Guarantee the normal teaching and living order of JI, students must fill in the “student travel information report form” three days in advance, and the group travel must fill in the “student spontaneous group travel record form” five days in advance (at the same time, submit the paper version to counsellor for report)

Number Contacts Grade Email Tel.
1 Guobin Xu

2019undergraduate student

2018 graduate &doctoral student 021-34206045-3162
2 Qi Zhou 2018 undergraduate student 021-34206045-3161
3 Yuwei Wu 2017 undergraduate student 021-34206045-3162
4 Qi Wu 2016 undergraduate student、
graduate student、
graduate student、
Postponed student 021-34206045-3161
5 Yanan Shu Senior doctoral students 021-34206045-3161

Campus Safety Number: 54749110


Tel: 021-34206045 ext. 3161、3162


Room 316, Student Affairs Office,
Shanghai Jiao Tong University, 800 Dongchuan Road, Shanghai