Research Labs

Energy Conversion and Optoelectronics (ECO) Laboratory



The research in the Energy Conversion and Optoelectronics (ECO) Laboratory is highly interdisciplinary, encompassing physics, materials science, and electronic science and technology. Our research is centered on both materials and devices, such as, material synthesis and functionalization, and device fabrication and analysis, to develop (1) sustainable and eco-friendly energy conversion technology and (2) smart optoelectronics to pursue high life quality of human beings.
(1) The energy conversion is a process of converting ambient environmental energy that is otherwise wasted into useful electrical one. The research aims to realize self-powered electronics for future advanced technologies for, such as, wearable electronics, implanted medical devices for healthcare, sensor networks for Internet of Things.
(2) Optoelectronics generally involves the application of electronics devices in relation with the light. Towards smart optoelectronic applications, we do researches on fundamental scientific phenomena at nanoscale, for example, light-matter interaction and charge carrier dynamics in nanomaterials and structures, to explore new scientific challenges and findings for advanced optoelectronics.