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Jun Zhang
Associate Professor, JI
Office 418
Tel +86-21-34206765 Ext. 4181
Email zhangjun12@sjtu.edu.cn
Webpage http://umji.sjtu.edu.cn/~jzhang


Ph.D. EECS, University of California at Berkeley (2003)
Dr.Eng. Automation, Shanghai Jiao Tong University (1997)
B.E. & B.S. Automatic Control & Applied Math, Shanghai Jiao Tong University (1993)

Research Interests

  • System and control in quantum and nano technologies
  1. Optimal steering in quantum systems
  2. Control and optimization under decoherence
  • Control and optimization in complex systems
  1. Industrial Process Control
  2. System Biology

Honors and Awards

  • Champion, Solid Ball Throwing (2 KG), 35+ Age Group, SJTU Games, 2012
  • Shanghai 1000 Talents Plan, 2012
  • Shanghai PuJiang Program, 2011
  • Regent’s Fellowship, University of California at Berkeley, 1997
  • Young Author Prize, the 8th National Process Control Conference, China Association of Automation, 1996
  • Samsung scholarship, SJTU (4 recipients on campus), 1996
  • Outstanding Student Award, SJTU (top 1% of all the students), 1992

Professional Activities

  • Journal Reviewer: IEEE Trans. on Automatic Control, SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization, Int. J. of Control, Int. J. of Robust and Nonlinear Control, IEEE Trans. on Control System Technology, Physical Review A, Physical Review Letters
  • Conference Reviewer: IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, IEEE American Control Conference, Hybrid Systems Computation and Control

Journal Publications (Selected)

  1. Yadong Wu, Runze Cai, Guangqiang He, and Jun Zhang. Quantum Secret Sharing with Continuous Variable Graph State, quant_ph/1304.4477, April, 2013.
  2. J. Zhang and F. He. Optimal laser pulse design for transferring the nuclear wave packet of H2+, atom-ph/1303.3957, March, 2013.
  3. J. Zhang, L. Greenman, X. T. Deng, and K. B. Whaley. Robust control pulses design for electron shuttling in solid state devices, quant-ph/1210.7972, October, 2012.
  4. J. Zhang, L. Greenman, X. T. Deng, I. M. Hayes, and K. B. Whaley. Optimal Control for Electron Shuttling, quant-ph/1208.2781, August, 2012.
  5. J. Zhang and R. Kosut. Quantum potential design for electron transmission in semiconductor nanodevices, accepted, IEEE Trans on Control System Technology, 2012.
  6. J. Zhang. Entanglement dynamics of two-qubit pure state. Quantum Information Processing, 12(4), 1627-1636, 2013.
  7. J. Zhang. Geometric method in quantum control. Chinese Science Bulletin, 57(18), 2223-2227, 2012.
  8. P. Kuopanportti, M. Mottonen, V. Bergholm, O.-P. Saira, J. Zhang, and K. B. Whaley. Suppression of 1/f noise in one-qubit systems. Physical Review A, 77, 032334, 2008.
  9. M. Mottonen, R. de Sousa, J. Zhang and K. B. Whaley. High-fidelity one-qubit operations under random telegraph noise. Physical Review A, 73, 022332, 2006.
  10. J. Zhang and K. B. Whaley. Optimal generation of single-qubit operation from an always-on interaction by algebraic decoupling. Physical Review A, 73, 022306, 2006.
  11. J. Zhang and K. B. Whaley. Generation of quantum logic operations from physical Hamiltonians. Physical Review A, 71, 052317, 2005.
  12. B. L. T. Plourde, J. Zhang, K. B. Whaley, F. K. Wilhelm, T. L. Robertson, T. Hime, S. Linzen, P. A. Reichardt, C.-E. Wu and John Clarke. Entangling flux qubits with a bipolar dynamic inductance. Physical Review B Rapid Communications, 70, 140501(R), 2004.
  13. J. Zhang, J. Vala, S. Sastry and K. B. Whaley. Minimum construction of two-qubit quantum operations. Physical Review Letters, 93, 020502, 2004.
  14. J. Zhang, J. Vala, S. Sastry and K. B. Whaley. Optimal quantum circuit synthesis from Controlled-Unitary gates. Physical Review A, 69, 042309, 2004.
  15. J. Zhang, J. Vala, S. Sastry and K. B. Whaley. Exact two-qubit universal quantum circuit. Physical Review Letters, 91, 027903, 2003.
  16. J. Zhang, J. Vala, S. Sastry and K. B. Whaley. Geometric theory of nonlocal two-qubit operations. Physical Review A, 67, 042313, 2003.

Journal Publications in Chinese (prior to 1998)

  1. J. Zhang and Y. Xi. Several Stability Results on GPC System. Control theory and applications, 15(1), 24-30, 1998.
  2. Y. Xi, J. Zhang and W. Wu. Further study on properties of GPC system. ACTA Automatica Sinica, 24(3), 400-404, 1998.
  3. J. Zhang and Y. Xi. A direct constrained predictive control algorithm based on geometric analysis. Control and Decision, 12(2), 184-187, 1997.
  4. J. Zhang and J. Chen. Control system design and simulation in Matlab. Electrical Automation, 4, 7-9, 1997.
  5. J. Zhang and Y. Xi. Deadbeat property study on GPC. Control theory and applications, 14(5), 733-737, 1997.
  6. J. Zhang and Y. Xi. Robustness analysis on GPC with noise filter. Control and Decision, 12(3), 260-263, 1997.
  7. J. Zhang and Y. Xi. Eigen polynomial coefficient mapping study in GPC. J. of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, 30, 49-59, 1996.
  8. J. Zhang and Y. Xi. Study on the stability of GPC. J. of Zhejiang University, 30, 25-31, 1996.
  9. J. Zhang and Y. Xi. A dynamic matrix control algorithm with constraints. J. of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, 30, 18-23, 1996.


Fall 2012 Vm564/Ve560 Linear Systems
Spring 2012 Ve562 Nonlinear Systems and Control
Fall 2011 Vm564/Ve560 Linear Systems, Vm461/Ve460 Automatic Control
Fall 2010 Vm564/Ve560 Linear Systems
Summer 2010 Vm461/Ve460 Automatic Control