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Yulian He
Assistant Professor, JI
Assistant Professor, SCCE
Office 523
Tel +86-21-34206045 Ext. 5231
Email yulian.he@sjtu.edu.cn
Webpage https://sites.ji.sjtu.edu.cn/yulian-he/


Ph.D. Chemical & Environmental Engineering, Yale University, New Haven, CT, USA (2020)
M.Phil. Chemical & Environmental Engineering, Yale University, New Haven, CT, USA (2019)
M.S. Chemical & Environmental Engineering, Yale University, New Haven, CT, USA (2018)
B.S. Chemistry, Nankai University, Tianjin, China (2016)

 Work Experience

2021 – pres. Assistant Professor, UM-SJTU Joint Institute
2020 –2021 Postdoc Fellow, Stanford University, Palo Alto, USA

Honors and Awards

  • Conference Travel Fellowship awardee, Yale University (2019)
  • Edward L. Barlow Fellowship awardee, Yale University (2018, 2019, 2020)
  • The Scholarship of Tianjin Government, Nankai University (2015)

Selected Publications

  • Yang, L.; Gandara-Loe, J.; Pastor-Pérez, L.; Zhang, Q.; He, Y.; Reina, R. T.; Gas-phase CO2 recycling via Reverse Water-Gas Shift reaction: a comprehensive overview. Chemical Valorisation of Carbon Dioxide, Royal Society of Chemistry, 2021, Invited book chapter.
  • Chi, Z., Yang, L., Li, X., He, Y., Xiao, W, Revisiting CO Coupling reaction with Methyl Nitrite over Pd/α-Al2O3 catalyst: Mechanism and Kinetics, MacKiE conference, 2021, accepted
  • Wang, C.; Hao, Y.; Wang, Y.; Song, H.; Hussain, S.; Gao, R.; Gao, L.; He, Y.*; Zheng, G.; Tang, Y., Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes Non-covalently Functionalized by Porphyrin–Sn Networks for Protein Adsorption. ACS Applied Nano Materials 2021, 4 (3), 2345-2350. (Corresponding author)
  • Zhao, T.; Yanagi, R.; Xu, Y.; He, Y.; Song, Y.; Yang, M.; Hu, S., A coating strategy to achieve effective local charge separation for photocatalytic coevolution. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 2021, 118 (7), e2023552118.
  • Tian, X.; Gao, R.; Wang, Y.; He, Y.; Hussain, S.; Heinlein, J. A.; Tian, J.; Pfefferle, L.; Tang, X.; Tang, Y., Layer-by-layer assembled magnetic molecularly imprinted nanoparticles for highly specific recovery of luteolin from honeysuckle leaves. Green Chemistry 2021.
  • Hao, Y.; Gao, Y.; Gao, L.; He, Y.; Niu, Y.; Hussain, S.; Gao, R.; Pfefferle, L. D.; Shahid, M.; Wang, S., Amphiphilic core-shell magnetic adsorbents for efficient removal and detection of phthalate esters. Chem. Eng. J. 2021, 129817.
  • Song, H.; Zhang, H.; He, Y.; Gao, R.; Wang, Y.; Wang, W.; Pfefferle, L. D.; Tang, X.; Tang, Y., Novel bayberry-and-honeycomb-like magnetic surface molecularly imprinted polymers for the selective enrichment of rutin from Sophora japonica. Food Chem. 2021, 129722.
  • He, Y.; Guo, F.; Yang, K. R.; Heinlein, J. A.; Bamonte, S. M.; Fee, J. J.; Hu, S.; Suib, S. L.; Haller, G. L.; Batista, V. S.; Pfefferle, L. D., In Situ Identification of Reaction Intermediates and Mechanistic Understandings of Methane Oxidation over Hematite: A Combined Experimental and Theoretical Study.  J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2020, 142 (40), 17119-17130.
  • Shen, X.; Yao, M.; Sun, K.; Zhao, T.; He, Y.; Chi, C.-Y.; Zhou, C.; Dapkus, P. D.; Lewis, N. S.; Hu, S., Defect-Tolerant TiO2-Coated and Discretized Photoanodes for >600 h of Stable Photoelectrochemical Water Oxidation. ACS Energy Letters 2020, 193-200.
  • He, Y.; Yang, K. R.; Yu, Z.; Fishman, Z. S.; Achola, L. A.; Tobin, Z. M.; Heinlein, J. A.; Hu, S.; Suib, S. L.; Batista, V. S.; Pfefferle, L. D., Catalytic manganese oxide nanostructures for the reverse water gas shift reaction. Nanoscale 2019, 11 (35), 16677-16688.
  • Zucker, I.; Hashmi, S. M.; Yang, J.; He, Y.; Pfefferle, L. D.; Elimelech, M., Shape-Dependent Interactions of Manganese Oxide Nanomaterials with Lipid Bilayer Vesicles. Langmuir 2019, 35 (43), 13958-13966.
  • He, Y.; Fishman, Z. S.; Yang, K. R.; Ortiz, B.; Liu, C.; Goldsamt, J.; Batista, V. S.; Pfefferle, L. D., Hydrophobic CuO Nanosheets Functionalized with Organic Adsorbates. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2018, 140 (5), 1824-1833.
  • Chen, H.; He, Y.; Pfefferle, L. D.; Pu, W.; Wu, Y.; Qi, S., Phenol Catalytic Hydrogenation over Palladium Nanoparticles Supported on Metal-Organic Frameworks in the Aqueous Phase. ChemCatChem 2018, 10 (12), 2558-2570.
  • Chen, H.; Bai, W. J.; He, Y. L.; Pfefferle, L. D.; Qi, S. T.; Wu, Y. L., Catalytic Hydrogenation of Octanoic Acid in the Gaseous Phase on Ni Catalysts: The Effect of Support Species and Structure. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 2018, 57 (48), 16272-16283.
  • Fishman, Z. S.; He, Y.; Yang, K. R.; Lounsbury, A. W.; Zhu, J.; Tran, T. M.; Zimmerman, J. B.; Batista, V. S.; Pfefferle, L. D., Hard templating ultrathin polycrystalline hematite nanosheets: effect of nano-dimension on CO2 to CO conversion via the reverse water-gas shift reaction. Nanoscale 2017, 9 (35), 12984-12995.
  • Fishman, Z. S.; Rudshteyn, B.; He, Y.; Liu, B.; Chaudhuri, S.; Askerka, M.; Haller, G. L.; Batista, V. S.; Pfefferle, L. D., Fundamental Role of Oxygen Stoichiometry in Controlling the Band Gap and Reactivity of Cupric Oxide Nanosheets. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2016, 138 (34), 10978-85.