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Jie Li
Professor (Adjunct Appointment)
Office 404
Tel +86-21-3420-6045 Ext.4041
Email jieli@sjtu.edu.cn


Education Background

Ph.D of Management, SJTU

Master of Management, SJTU

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, SJTU


Working Exp.

2018.6 – pres.         Adjunct Professor, New York University Shanghai

2017.9 – pres.         Professor, JI; Co-Director of the Center for Interdisciplinary Education, JI

2017.6 – pres.         Adjunct Professor, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

2015.10 – pres.              Co-founder, Executive Chairman, & Secretary General, China Association for Consumer Behavior Research Forum

2012.1 – 2012.12    Visiting Professor, Columbia Business School

2010.6 – pres.         Director and Founder of Luxury Brand Research Center, SJTU

2006.9 – pres.         Director, China Center, the Center on Global Brand Leadership, Columbia University; Associate Professor, Antai College of Economics and Management (ACEM)

2006.3 – pres.       Executive Director, Brand Research Center, SJTU

2002.10 – 2006.2    Associate Dean, Director of Shanghai Campus, Director of MBA Program, CKGSB

1996.3 – 2002.9      Director of Marketing and Admission Office, CEIBS


Honors and Awards

  • Brand Aesthetics and Management: Improve undergraduate course system and cultivate high – quality international talents (20161034), SJTU, 2018
  • Outstanding Teacher Award, SJTU, 2016.
  • Award for Outstanding Teaching Achievement, SJTU, 2015.
  • Manage Your Brand Strategically, Shanghai Municipal Top Award for Textbooks, 2015.
  • Manage Your Brand Strategically, Top Award for Textbooks, SJTU, 2014.
  • Luxury Brands Management: Method and Practice, Top Award for Textbooks, SJTU, 2013.
  • Growth Strategy of Corporations, First Award for Textbooks, SJTU, 2011
  • Global Competitiveness of Chinese Brands. Second Prize Winner, Ministry of Commerce, China, 2007.


Research Interest

(Luxury) Branding Strategy/Consumer Behavior, Corporate Strategy/Innovation/ Entrepreneurship, Globalization of Chinese Brands.


National Academic Projects

  1. National Natural Science Foundation of China, An Empirical Study on the Influence of Social Class on Chinese Consumers’ Preference for Mainstream and Niche Luxury Brands. 71572107, 2016.1-2019.12, Principal Investigator.
  2. National Social Science Foundation of China, Research on Mechanism of Effects of Premium Brand Culture Attributes on Youngster Consumers of Different Social Class, 19BGL105, 1-2022.12, First Participant.



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  • 李杰. 论中国企业的全球化战略与生态系统嵌入——基于生态系统理论视角[M]. 上海:上海交通大学出版社, 2019.
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  • 李杰. 企业发展战略[M]. 北京: 清华大学出版社, 2009.



  • Li, Jie & Guo, Shuojia & Zhang, Jonathan & Sun, Liben. (2019). When others show off my brand: self-brand association and conspicuous consumption. Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics. ahead-of-print. 10.1108/APJML-04-2019-0225.
  • 李杰. 中国企业的全球化竞争——基于生态系统理论视角[J]. 上海管理科学,2019(06): 1-11.
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  • Li, J., Liu, T., Zhou, X. Exposure to luxury brands reduces inter-brain synchronization across cooperative dyads: An fNIRS-based hyperscanning study. Interdisciplinary Symposium on Decision Neuroscience, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 2018-5-31.
  • 孙怡, 李杰*, Jonathan Zhang, 孙立本. (2017). 奢侈品市场中社会阶层与炫耀性消费的关系. 珞珈管理评论, 1:132-145.
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  • Li, J., Yu, M., & Sun, L. The Construction and Measurement of Chinese Firms’ Brand Internationalization Image in The Era of Internet. 10th China Management Research Seminar, Hefei Province, 2015-11-8.
  • Li, J. An Empirical Study on the Influence of Social Class on Chinese Consumers’ Preference for Mainstream and Niche Luxury Brands. Luojiashan International Marketing Summit, Wuhan University, 2015-3-28.
  • Li, J., Sun, L., Lu, X., Sun, Y.. The Road Map of Chinese Native Brands on the World Stage, 16th EBES Conference Istanbul, Turkey, 2015-5-29.
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  • Wang, L., Wang S., Keller, L. R., & Li, J. (2016), Thinking styles affect reactions to brand crisis apologies, European Journal of Marketing, 50 (7/8): 1263 – 1289.


Ivey Publishing Cases

  • Li, J., & Wang, S., China Eastern’s world-class dream: Shanghai-based globalization. Ivey Publishing, 9B19A057, 2019-12-9.
  • Li, J., & Schaan, J. L. Red Star Macalline: Strategic Evolution. Ivey Publishing, 9B17M086, 2017-6-8.
  • Li, J., & Schaan, J. L. Huayi Brothers: Strategic Transformation. Ivey Publishing, 9B15M126, 2015-12-19.


Teaching Courses:

中文课程Courses in Mandarin:








英文课程Courses in English:

Branding & Brand Management (VX251)

Advanced Branding & Brand Management (VX351)

Entrepreneurship Explored (NYU-SH)

Luxury and Luxury Marketing (NYU-SH)

Luxury Brand Management (Ivey School EMBA)

Doing Business in China (University of St. Gallen, Switzerland, University of Leuven, Belgium)


Luxury-related courses are offered in the following universities: Hautes Etudes Commerciales Paris (HEC), Ivey School, Ross Business School, NYU-SH, Peking University, Tsinghua University, Nankai University, Shanghai International Studies University, East China Normal University, Wuhan University, Renmin University of China, Jilin University, University of International Business and Economics, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Sichuan University, Shenzhen University, Guilin University of Technology, Guilin University Of Electronic Technology, Chongqing Technology and Business University, and etc.


Professional Service

2015.10 – pres.              Co-founder, Executive Chairman, & Secretary General, China Association for Consumer Behavior Research Forum

2007.5 – pres.         Expert Member of Shanghai Mayor Quality Award; Expert Member of Shanghai Government Brand Promotion Center