Student Talent

UM-SJTU Joint Institute (JI) gathers the best talents in China and the world, and strives to bring the best education to its students in a unique and novel way. It is proved that JI has been constantly cultivating excellent talents with international vision, innovation mindset for the society.

By supporting JI, corporates can deeply participate in the process of talent cultivation, enlarge its talent pool, spread its corporate culture, find innovative ideas and gain better business development opportunities.

Support Capstone Design Program

As the ace course in Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Capstone Design Program in JI adopts a brand-new training model in the form of teamwork and taking practical needs as the subject. The accomplishment of which is under the joint guidance of both JI and corporate mentors, aiming to benefit students, corporates and JI. Since the launch of the Capstone Design Program in 2010, as of August 2019, nearly 50 companies have sponsored more than 270 projects, and the collaboration has brought a remarkable influence.

  • JI call for project proposals from corporates before May and September every year. The corporates will explore the potential of technological breakthroughs and novel research directions in an efficient and low-cost way, while students will enhance many of their capabilities like professional qualities, innovative spirits, problem solving skills etc.
  • Global Multi-disciplinary Design Project (GMDP) was launched in 2017 to bring a global engineering experience to students from JI and University of Michigan(UM). It solves important global design challenges through design team participation in a unique two semester partnership between JI, UM, and a multinational Corporate Partner.
Support Education Center
JI established Centre For Entrepreneurship (CFE) and Center for Interdisciplinary Education (CIE) in 2017 and 2018 respectively to create a more diversified environment for students to broaden their horizons and meet new ideas beyond engineering.

  • Centre For Entrepreneurship (CFE) aims to cultivate students to become leaders with the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, and enhance their innovative practical ability and sense of social responsibility. Corporates can support the CFE through Minor in Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship Forum, Entrepreneurship Competition, Entrepreneurship Week,Global Challenge Project, Student Entrepreneurship Club, etc.
  • Center For Interdisciplinary Education (CIE) aims to build a platform to cultivate interdisciplinary talent, enrich and enhance the humanistic connotations and comprehensive literacy of engineering students. Corporates can support the CIE through various forms of activities such as a series of multidisciplinary seminars and sharing sessions.
Support Innovation Network

By collaborating with different institutions and corporates, JI has conducted innovative courses, training camps, forums, workshops, various competitions, hackathon and other activities for students and built a network-based collaborative community regarding innovation. Corporate can join JI to be part of Innovation Network to promote technological progress, talent training, etc.

Support Student Activities

JI has many student associations such as Student Union, Graduate Student Union, Student Science Club, Technology and Innovation Association, Youth Volunteer Team, JI People Interview Organization, etc., as well as other associations like Industrial Data Club, BonD Club, JI Book Bar, etc. Corporates can support various student-organized activities like the Mechanical Competition, Volunteer Teaching in Yunnan, Career Mentor Program, book sharing, etc., to spread corporate culture and cultivate student diversity.

Support Distinguished Seminar

JI regularly holds various academic seminars, including distinguished seminar series, which invite experts and authorities to bring insights and ideas on the latest technologies. By sponsoring Distinguished Seminar Series, corporates can recommend specific topics, and get instructive guidance from the distinguished speakers.


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