Q & A

Scholarship evaluation & Results Announcements

What is the general procedure for scholarship evaluation?

Normally an applicant’s admission results will be announced first, then the Scholarship Evaluation Committee will review all pre-admitted applicants to determine the scholarship results. Once this is done, the scholarship results will be announced.

The CSC scholarship results are expected to be announced in July.

You can download and print out your pre-admission notice from our website once you are pre-admitted. Please note that the pre-admission notice only confirms that you have been admitted by SJTU, but cannot be interpreted as a guarantee or implication that you can get a scholarship.

Can I apply for another scholarship later during my future studies?

Sorry. The scholarship application is for new applicants only. Students at school cannot apply.

Applicants arguing about the scholarship result.
  1. The scholarship results have been announced, and you can log in your account on our application system (http://apply.sjtu.edu.cn) to check your scholarship details.

    This result is the final result made by the scholarship evaluation committee based on many aspects and facets, such as the size of the applicant pool, the student credentials, and the funds availability.

    If you are not granted the scholarship you applied, it is the result of the high competition. This might be disappointing but it is hard for the Committee to make the decision as well.

    Thanks for your understanding, and please contact us if you have any questions.