Q & A

Online application submission

I cannot create my account properly.
If you cannot receive the registration confirmation email, please try another mailbox and use Google Chrome browser.
How many applications can I make?
Please note that an applicant can only make one application on our system. If you have more than one, please cancel the unwanted ones and continue with the one you prefer to keep.
If you cannot cancel the extra applications by yourself, please inform us of your previous application numbers and we will help you to close it/them.
Can I make another application if the previous one is rejected?
Please note that an applicant can make only one application on your system, and if the application is rejected, normally he/she is not allowed to submit another application.
I cannot submit my application successfully.
If you encounter any difficulties in filling/submitting your application on our website Study@SJTU, please send us the screenshots through email (gs.admission@sjtu.edu.cn) so that we can identify your problem.
I think the system is not working properly.
If you believe it is necessary, please inform us of your account ID and password (to gs.admission@sjtu.edu.cn only), we will log in your account and help you to solve the problem.
Application fee

An application fee of RMB 350 (approx. USD 55) will be charged for all applicants for graduate program of UM-SJTU Joint Institute, but no other fees are charged during the application procedure, including applying for the scholarship on the CSC and SGS website.


  • All applicants should pay the application fee before the submission of online application form.
  • The application fee can be paid through either online payment or bank transfer.
  • The application fee is non-refundable and non-transferable regardless of the admission result.
I paid the fee through online payment, but the status is not updated.

If the payment status is not updated automatically after your payment, please choose ‘bank transfer’ instead on the application fee payment page, upload a screenshot of your successful payment as a proof, and then proceed to submit your application.


I paid the fee through bank transfer yet cannot upload the remittance notice.

If you fail to upload the remittance notice, please try to convert your remittance notice into a jpg file and then upload it onto our system.

Please contact with us(gs.admission@sjtu.edu.cn)if you still have problem to upload the remittance notice.


What is the bank account information?

Please send the application/tuition fee to the following account (Please clearly write your name, student ID and your payment details)

 By Chinses Bank Cards




 By International Bank Cards Except Chinese Bank Cards


A/C: 439059226890




TEL: 86-21-54747180

POST CODE: 200240

 For the detailed information about the payment method, please check:


Do I need to prepare the physical examination form?

Please note that applicants are required to prepare and upload the physical examination form when they apply for Chinese Government Scholarship. Otherwise applicants do not need to prepare it when applying. For more detailed information about the physical examination, you can also refer to the New International Student Guide (http://isc.sjtu.edu.cn/EN/content.aspx?info_lb=280&flag=5) for your reference.

My application is retreated from the preliminary review. What should I do?

Your application to the SJTU international graduate program did not pass the preliminary review. Please log in your account on our website, modify your application according to the comments and then resubmit it.

How do I check my application status?

Please log in your account on our website (http://apply.sjtu.edu.cn/) to check the current status of your application for SJTU international graduate program.

Can I change my major after admission?

 Sorry that you cannot change your major after being admitted. If you insist, we can help to cancel your previous admission and then you can apply again. Please note that there is possibility for your new application to be declined by the corresponding program, while the canceled admission cannot be resumed.