Educational Programs

Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) Program

The ECE program is an interdisciplinary program. It places emphasis on both hardware and software technology, as well as the students’ capability to creatively apply the knowledge learned in classrooms to solve real-world problems……

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Mechanical Engineering (ME) Program

The ME program is built on a common science and engineering core. It provides students with an excellent foundation in the core technical competencies of the following disciplines: thermal and fluid sciences, solid mechanics…

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Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) Program

The main purpose of establishing an MSE program at JI is to internationalize the material science and engineering discipline at Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) with focuses in the areas of functional and non-metallic…

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Minor in Entrepreneurship

Minor in Entrepreneurship to encourage students to apply practical skills to translate innovative ideas into real impact.

Minor in Computer Science

Minor in Computer Science to expose students to the knowledge demands in a different discipline and help them acquire marketable skills.

Minor in Data Science

Minor in Data Science to provide students with a basic understanding in the aspects of computer science, statistics, and mathematics that are relevant for analyzing and manipulating large complex datasets.

Minor in Global China Studies

Minor in Global China Studies to help students understand China from a global perspective, as well as to understand China’s role in the global world


This program is designed to allow students entering the JI undergraduate program to earn two Bachelor of Science (BS) degrees from two different institutions in two different academic areas. It offers JI students a high-quality international educational experience and an opportunity to engage in international engineering efforts in cooperation between China and the United States. Students apply in their sophomore year to one of the 19 programs offered by the University of Michigan, including 17 programs in the College of Engineering and 2 programs in the College of Literature, Science and the Arts. Students spend time at both UM and SJTU taking the necessary courses required for both degrees. After completing each university’s requirements, students will receive a BS Degree from UM, a BS Degree from SJTU, a Graduation Diploma from the Ministry of Education of China, and a JI Study Certificate jointly granted by SJTU and UM.

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The Global Degree Pathways program gives students a head start on their Master’s degree and provides a road map to their future area of specialization. Generally, the time to complete both JI’s Bachelor degree and a partner university’s Master degree can be as little as five years and students may gain international experience even in their senior year.

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The Sequential Graduate-Undergraduate Studies, as jointly proposed by both the Undergraduate and Graduate Committees is now effective and will be executed for students enrolled from Fall,2015 onwards (including 2015). To serve broader potential JI undergraduate students who plan to continue on to JI’s graduate programs, both master and doctoral programs, it allows students in the program to double count 6 credit hours to both the undergraduate and graduate degree.

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SJTU Undergraduate Engineering Programs in English International students who apply for SJTU’s undergraduate English programs will spend one and a half years at JI. Thereafter, they may choose to continue their study at JI or transfer to another engineering school (in English or Chinese) to complete their bachelor’s degree. Other engineering schools at SJTU include:
The School of Materials Science and Engineering • Materials Science and Engineering
The School of Electronic, Information and Electrical Engineering • Computer Science and Technology

  • Information Engineering
    The School of Naval Architecture, Ocean and Civil Engineering • Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering
    The School of Mechanical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering and Automation • Power and Energy Engineering

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