Q & A

After admission

When will the admission package be delivered?

All admission packages will be sent out before the end of June.

When and how can I book a dormitory?

If you have any further questions concerning dormitory reservation please contact with the International Student Service Center directly.

Minhang Campus: Tel: +86-21-34203955; Email address: issc_minhang@sjtu.edu.cn
Xuhui Campus: Tel: +86-21-62933305; Email address: issc_xuhui@sjtu.edu.cn

I have been awarded a university scholarship. Am I required to pay the tuition fee?

Different types of scholarships have different coverage. Please refer to Fall 2020 SJTU International Graduate Admission (http://isc.sjtu.edu.cn/EN/content.aspx?info_lb=38&flag=2). For more information on scholarship, please check: http://isc.sjtu.edu.cn/EN/content.aspx?info_lb=44&flag=2

Can I bring my family members to China during my future studies?

Generally, when an international student in SJTU would like to invite his/her family member(s) to China, he/she can get a student status certificate after the university registration. This student status certificate can help to apply for the visas for his/her family member(s), but please note that SJTU cannot issue any other documents (e.g., invitation letter). And generally, for new students, this certificate is not available until October.

Applicants arguing about the rejection

We have checked your application in the system, and are sorry to confirm that your application has been declined by SJTU.

We understand that this must be very disappointing news. Please bear in mind that each year the university receives applications from many more students than it can accommodate. Admissibility is determined by the size of the applicant pool as well as student credentials. Unfortunately, as a result, we are not able to offer admission to some students of significant ability and potential.

We encourage you to continue to work toward your educational and professional goals, and wish you every success in your future endeavor.