JI Experience

Current students

I believe joining the Joint Institute is quite a journey. Even though it is quite hard to keep up with at times, the program has benefited me immensely. It is very demanding, but throughout the process, you get to learn about the importance of time management and responsibility. The first semester was undoubtedly the hardest one; I was far from home, facing all kinds of challenges in a completely new culture. Yet, being surrounded by amazing students and faculty members from which I received support, made me realize that this is a great opportunity worth the sacrifice.
Daniela Mata, from Peru

Mechanical Engineering, Class of 2023

I am a freshman in JI who came from Kazakhstan and it is clear that I made the right decision. This is the place where I have been able to grow both mentally and professionally because of the environment and people. Studies here are challenging but there is no other way of becoming a top engineer. JI is based on the knowledge and experience of two leading universities. I could write for hours about our university, but I will leave here my email for you to ask your own questions. I will be happy to answer all of them.
Mansur Ayazbayev, from Kazakhstan

Mechanical Engineering, Class of 2023

Studying in JI is challenging, however, it is a challenge worth pursuing. The intense and thought-provoking courses enhance my knowledge and skills so I will be well prepared for my future career. As an international student, I gain valuable insight into a new culture. I think JI is a good place for people who are not afraid to adjust to a new environment and pursue opportunities.
Assel Surshanova, from kazakhstan

Mechanical Engineering, Class of 2023

One of the things that I have taken away from my time at JI so far is time management skills. With constant deadlines from classes,clubs, and organizations, JI will make sure you are always being challenged, both academically and extracurricularly. I was able to get the hang of it by my first semester with the help of my peers by making sure I was able to balance school and outside of school life. Most important of all, do not forget to enjoy your college time on this beautiful campus!
Naina Mittal, from India

Mechanical Engineering, Class of 2022

How would I describe studying at JI in one sentence? High-quality education and a well-integrated active social life. A place where two best engineering universities in the world are joint together. The culture is integrated into everything that goes on campus, and there is never a shortage of things to do. If you’re still searching for the right university, I think the answer is obvious. Because here at JI, there is a place for everyone.
Zhanggir Bayakov, from Kazakhstan

Electrical and Computer Engineering, Class of 2022

Shanghai is, simply put, a beautiful and breathtaking city. Its internationalism and diversity stands out the most as several cultures blend with the Chinese tradition in this metropolis. JI, on its own, is a fully-equipped institution with a beautiful campus, aiming to make great engineers with its challenging education, which I have seen myself grow under. After taking JI classes for weeks, traveling around the city and taking leisurely walks are my ways of relaxation. Starting from Chinese hotpot to western and Mediterranean cuisines, Shanghai has a lot of diverse tastes to be explored. This, added with the city centers and the healing green, makes it a fun and complete destination where I get my higher education.
Meskerem Abebe Mekuriaw, from Ethiopia

Material Science and Engineering, Class of 2022

Entering college is a huge step forward from high school. The environment and lifestyle changes drastically, especially with JI. Not only will you experience a brand new culture, but you will also be accompanied by students and professors from all over the world. Although it can be challenging at times, what you can get out of it is life-changing. I have made friends here from many different countries and I will always be glad I came to JI.

Richard Murray, from Australia

Electrical and Computer Engineering, Class of 2021

Enrolling in JI has been an unbelievable opportunity. Throughout the experience of receiving an excellent education in an international environment, the university challenges you to manage your time efficiently, work under pressure, and adapt to change. Even though JI is academically demanding, I have greatly enjoyed my life outside the classroom and have had the chance to meet people from many different countries and learn a lot about Chinese culture.
Claudia Jorda Terrado, from Spain

Mechanical engineering, class of 2021

After graduating high school, I craved an adventure, a new challenge to further develop myself. I found exactly that at UM-SJTU-JI. Upon joining JI, I had become part of a completely unique community full of excitement, support, and endless opportunities. To anyone looking for a life-changing challenge, a new experience or just world class education, JI is the place for you.
Shinedul Purevdorj, from Mongolia

Mechanical Engineering, Class of 2021

My interest in engineering stems from my desire to be a part of something greater than myself: to contribute to the processes of conceptualizing, designing, and developing that has set humanity on a path of advancement. JI has presented me with a dynamic approach to pursue my interest. As an academic, I find the holistic approach to studying at JI intriguing. JI is the perfect environment for students who seek achievement and growth not only for themselves, but also for the community.
Delmwin Baeka, from Ghana

Electrical and Computer Engineering, class of 2020

JI Alumni

Studying at JI requires strong time management skills. Your mindset needs to be focused and ready when you come here. If you are seeking a unique challenge, JI will not let you down.
Chapwit Na Muangtoun, from Thailand

Electrical and Computer Engineering, Class of 2021

Taking courses in English, having professional conversations with foreign professors, playing a role in student-based services are part of every JIer’s daily life. The international academic environment enables me to think with a global vision. I feel grateful to be part of JI.
Ashley Ng, from Malaysia

Electrical and Computer Engineering, Class of 2019

The college lifestyle most students think of is different from reality. Part of this reality is the realization that they have to adapt to the new surroundings as quickly as possible in order to achieve their objectives right away. Fortunately, at JI, I overcame all the obstacles and I couldn’t be happier attending this exquisite institute!
Rui Silva, from Portugal

Electrical and Computer Engineering, Class of 2018

Coming from Pakistan to a completely different culture, I was nervous. However, it has been an amazing year at JI. Along with its quality education, the amazing friends and the extracurricular activities here on campus make life very enjoyable.
Muhammad Ghazan Khattak, from Pakistan

Mechanical Engineering, Class of 2018


I was born in the United States in a small town surrounded by farm fields. When I stepped onto the tarmac at the Pudong International Airport in Shanghai in 2018, I didn’t really know where I had arrived. Later that night, I sat in my hotel room looking out across a massive cityscape of skyscrapers in rows on rows into the distance with the Huangpu River snaking its away among them below. Barely able to say anything beyond “hello” in Chinese, I wondered how I would fit in here, in this city with remnants of the Neolithic period on its outskirts and curvy skyscrapers piling up upon themselves, with over 20 million people teeming below. The Joint Institute has certainly been my way of finding a place where I belong in this city. Among the world-renowned faculty and the enthusiastic and intelligent students from many parts of the globe, I have learned much about the culture, history, and languages of China, as well as the other countries represented by the international group of students at the Joint Institute. I have felt honored to work closely with the motivated and intellectually-curious students in my courses where we study how to read and write better in English. I look forward to being here for a long time to come.
Peter Weise, from America

I enjoy working at UM-SJTU Joint Institute (JI). Located in the multicultural and international city of Shanghai, JI is open and friendly to innovative minds and different voices from various disciplinary and cultural backgrounds. This openness embraces lively academic discussions between colleagues and between students and faculty, encouraging innovation in research and teaching. To me, JI is an ideal place for those who dare to break cultural barriers, who love to share knowledge, and who aim for higher scientific and social values by working together.
Yuljae Cho, from Korea

After 8 years of living in the United States, across the East Coast and West Coast (Sony Brook, Boston, and Berkeley), my wife and I, carrying 14 large pieces of luggage and our then 2-year-old daughter, returned to Shanghai in the hot summer of 2017. Shanghai is not new to me, because I spent 4 years studying chemistry in Fudan University back in 2005 to 2009, the “friendly competitor” of Shanghai Jiao Tong University in town. But, it indeed was new to me, because of the rapid development of Shanghai in the last 8 years and the reversed cultural shock. We settled down at the JI within a week with the strong support of JI colleagues, and it felt like home. I was then playing with my favorite big toy (a glove box filled with inert gas, shown in the figure), assembling batteries that may one day end up in a fancy electric vehicle. Now, my research group has grown to 8 people, including 3 international postdocs and 5 graduate students. Together, we are chasing the dream of a fully electrified world, which I know will come true in the near future. We look forward to seeing you at the JI.
Shou-Hang Bo, from China