Transportation Guide


Shuttle Bus Between Campuses

These buses serve as the cross-campus bus between Shanghai Jiaotong University’s Minhang Campus and Xuhui Campus.  For the faculty buses, faculty and staff are given priorities to board while students are only allowed to board if there are vacancies.  Please note that the 07:00-07:30 buses leave once the bus is filled.  These buses stop at teaching buildings, including the UM-SJTU Joint Institute(JI) building, while the others just stop at Jing Jing Tang Square.  Also, some buses leave 10 minutes in advance, so an earlier arrival is best.  On Xuhui Campus, the bus stop is just at the First Gate, and at Minhang Campus, the bus stop is located to the east of Guang Ming Stadium.

Bus Schedule:
Minghang Campus→ Xuhui Campus (Weekends & Holidays)
Nonstop: 7:30, 12:30, 16:30
Xuhui Campus → Minghang Campus (Weekends & Holidays)
Nonstop: 8:30, 13:30, 17:30

Jiangchuan Line No. 7 (Dongchuan Rd Metro Station—Jing Jing Plaza)

Dongchuan Rd. Metro Station → Jing Jing Plaza
Service time: 06:00-20:30
Bus Route: Dongchuan Rd. Metro Station → Humin Road → Dongchuan Road → Cangyuan Road → Dehong Road → Yongping Road → Jing Jing Plaza
Jing Jing Plaza → Dongchuan Rd. Metro Station
Service time: 06:10-20:40
Bus Route: Jing Jing Plaza → Yongping Road → Dehong Road → Cangyuan Road → Dongchuan Road → Shi Ping Road → Dongchuan Rd. Metro Station
Interval between two shifts: 25~30 min