For Undergraduate

Outstanding students will be awarded scholarships, such as Chinese Government Scholarship, Shanghai Government Scholarship, Shanghai Jiao Tong University scholarship and others.
Applicants for Chinese Government Scholarship should directly contact the local Chinese Embassy or Consulate. When completing the scholarship application form, applicants should select Shanghai Jiao Tong University as their first choice.
Applicants for SJTU scholarships are eligible for the ones listed below:

• First-Class Scholarship
Period:4 years
Full tuition award, living allowance (2,500 CNY per month), accommodation subsidy (1,000 CNY per month), insurance

• Second-Class Scholarship
Period:4 years
50% tuition award, accommodation subsidy (1,000 CNY per month), insurance

• Third-Class Scholarship
Period:4 years
25% tuition award, insurance
• Applicants have been officially admitted by SJTU without being awardees of other scholarships at the same time;
• Scholarship is awarded based on the comprehensive ranking of applicant’s academic and interview performance;
• SJTU reserves the right of final explanation.