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PHYS1600J – Honors Physics I


Zijie Qu;Mateusz Stanislaw Krzyzosiak

Credits: 4 (No credits after Vp145 or Vp150.)

Pre-requisites: MATH1160J Obtained Credit||MATH1560J Obtained Credit||MATH1860J Obtained Credit


The present course covers classical mechanics, including elements of fluid mechanics, and gravitation.Topics include physical quantities (scalars, vectors, tensors); particle kinematics; particle dynamics and Newton’s equations of motion; harmonic oscillator and periodic motion; numerical methods for solving equations of motion; dynamics in non-inertial frames of reference; work and kinetic energy; conservative forces and conservation of mechanical energy; harmonic approximation; Hamilton’s least-action principle and elements of Lagrangian mechanics; linear momentum; torque; angular momentum of a particle and a rigid body; rigid body dynamics; tensor of inertia and principal axes; rigid body equilibrium; basic concepts in elasticity; elements of fluid mechanics (pressure and density of fluids, Archimedes principle, Bernoulli’s equation); gravitation and planetary motion; mechanical waves.

Course Topics:

  1. Nature of physics, physical quantities, scalars and vectors (2 hrs)
  2. Kinematics: motion in one dimension (2 hrs)
  3. Kinematics: motion in two and three dimensions (3 hrs)
  4. Newton’s laws of motion and their applications (6 hrs)
  5. Non-inertial frames of reference (3 hrs)
  6. Periodic motion (5 hrs)
  7. Work and kinetic energy (2 hrs)
  8. Potential energy and conservation of mechanical energy (5 hrs)
  9. Elements of Lagrangian mechanics (3 hrs)
  10. Momentum, impulse, and collisions (3 hrs)
  11. Angular momentum, rigid body dynamics, tensor of inertia (8 hrs)
  12. Equilibrium and elasticity (3 hrs)
  13. Elements of fluid mechanics (4 hrs)
  14. Gravitation (5 hrs)
  15. Mechanical waves and sound (6 hrs)