Courses Detail Information

ENGL1530J – Novel into Film


Angela Gehling;Nicholas Scott Welch-Bolen

Credits: 3 credits

Pre-requisites: ENGL1000J Obtained Credit


The complex relationship between these two forms of media have been central to the film industry since its inception. This course will consider literary adaptation from several angles: fidelity to the text, the author’s intent and involvement in production and the strengths and weaknesses of each medium.

Course Topics:

  1. An overview of the history of Western film –from the silent era to the multiplex.
  2. The fundamental role of the novel in Western cinema’s development.
  3. Writing for the page and the screen –the different demands of the book and film formats
  4. Editing, abridging and expanding material –what content makes the cut?
  5. Adapting historical texts for modern audiences.
  6. The question of textual fidelity.
  7. “Elevating” material -do you need a good book to make a good film?
  8. The novelist’s original intent and involvement in production. Can an adaptation hated by the author be considered successful?
  9. Audience reception, in 2 different mediums.
  10. Adapting across cultures