Courses Detail Information

MATH1160J – Calculus II


OLGA DANILKINA;Zachiri McKenzie;Horst Harold Hohberger

Credits: 4 (No credit after Vv156 or Vv186.)

Pre-requisites: MATH1150J Obtained Credit


The present course covers the calculus of functions of a single real variable. Mathematical background knowledge will be reviewed as needed.Course topics include the Riemann/Darboux integral, the fundamental theorem of calculus, the substitution rule, integration by parts, improper integrals, applications of integration, areas and lengths of curves; series and power series, absolute and conditional convergence, root and ratio tests, radius of convergence, Taylor’s theorem with integral remainder term, Taylor series and applications. As time permits, other topics, such as a brief introduction to differential equations and simple modeling, may be included.

Course Topics:

  1. The Riemann/Darboux integral and the fundamental theorem of calculus
  2. Methods of integration
  3. Improper integrals
  4. Applications of integration
  5. Series and power series
  6. Taylor’s theorem and Taylor series