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CHEM2100J – Chemistry


Ting Sun;Shouhang Bo;MiliasLiu;孙淮

Credits: 4 (No credits after Vc209.)



Vc210 provides an introduction to the major concepts of chemistry, including the microscopic picture of atomic and molecular structure, periodic trends in the chemical reactivity, the energetics of chemical reactions, and the nature of chemical equilibria. Students will be introduced to the fundamental principles of modern chemistry, the descriptive chemistry of the elements, and to the underlying theories that account for observed macroscopic behavior. In Chem. 210, students will learn to think critically, examine experimental data, and form generalizations about data as chemists do.

Course Topics:

  1. Orientation & Fundamentals
  2. Quantum World
  3. Basic Quantum Mechanics
  4. Chemical Bonds
  5. Molecular Shapes, VSEPR, VB and MO Theories
  6. Properties of Gases
  7. Liquids and Solids
  8. The first law of thermodynamics
  9. The second and third Laws of thermodynamics
  10. Physical equilibria
  11. Chemical equilibria
  12. Acids and Bases
  13. Aqueous solution equilibrium
  14. Electrochemistry
  15. Chemical kinetics