Courses Detail Information

MATH2030J – Discrete Mathematics


Zachiri McKenzie;Runze Cai;Horst Harold Hohberger;Heidi Andersen

Credits: 4 credits

Pre-requisites: MATH1160J Obtained Credit||MATH1560J Obtained Credit||MATH1860J Obtained Credit


The present course is different from typical math courses in that it does not give an in-depth look at any one topic. Instead, we visit several different mathematical fields that are loosely grouped together under the heading “discrete mathematics”. These fields have in common that they deal with problems related to integers (as opposed to the real numbers fundamental to calculus). Hence, the questions can often be formulated in quite elementary terms. Many of these problems are classical, having been analyzed by natural philosophers and scientists for centuries or (in some cases) millennia.

Course Topics:

  1. Basic concepts of logic, proofs, sets and numbers (12 hours at 45 min each)
  2. Number theory (10 hours)
  3. Algorithms, computer arithmetic, applications of combinatorics and probability to algorithms (18 hours)
  4. Graph theory and applications (14 hours)
  5. Three exams (6 hours)