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ME2110J – Introduction to Solid Mechanics


Yongxing Shen;Yanfeng Shen;Xila Liu;Shane Miguel Johnson

Credits: 4 credits.

Pre-requisites: (PHYS1400J Obtained Credit||VP145 Obtained Credit||VP150 Obtained Credit||PHYS1600J Obtained Credit)&&(MATH1160J Obtained Credit||MATH1560J Obtained Credit||MATH1860J Obtained Credit)


This course covers the classical topics of statics and mechanics of materials. Statics: Moment and force resultants, equilibrium. Mechanics of deformable bodies: stress/strain, classification of material behavior, generalized Hooke’s law. Engineering applications: axial loads, torsion of circular rods and tubes bending and shear stresses in beams, deflection of beams, combined stresses, stress and strain transformation.

Course Topics:

  1. Force Vectors
  2. Force System Resultants
  3. Equilibrium of a Rigid Body
  4. Structural Analysis (Trusses, Frames)
  5. Geometric Properties and Distributed Loadings
  6. Stress and Strain
  7. Mechanical Properties of Materials
  8. Axial Load
  9. Torsion
  10. Bending
  11. Transverse Shear
  12. Combined Loadings
  13. Stress and Strain Transformation
  14. Design of Beams (Equation of the elastic curve)
  15. Buckling of Columns