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HIS2380J – British Empire and “Informal” Imperialism in the Nineteenth-Century



Credits: 4 credits

Pre-requisites: ENGL1000J Obtained Credit


Students are introduced to the nineteenth century British Empire from political, social, and cultural perspectives. Focusing on Imperial institutes, major social reforms, literature, and Britain’s encounter with China, this course aims to help students to have a comprehensive view on the expansion of the British Empire in the nineteenth century.

Course Topics:

  1.  The British Empire and ‘Informal Imperialism’
  2. Political and Social Reforms: The Reform Act of 1832, Chartist Movement, Civil Service Reform, Poor Law Reform, Public Health Reform.
  3. Imperial Institutes and Colonial Knowledge: colonial knowledge, The British Consular Service, The Royal Asiatic Society
  4. Political and Social thoughts: The idea of ‘civilization’, Social Darwinism, Liberalism, Morality.
  5. Travel and Travel Writings
  6. Britain’s Encounter with China