Courses Detail Information

HIS2590J – Memory: A New Approach to China’s 20th Century History


Chan Yang

Credits: 4 credits

Pre-requisites: ENGL1000J Obtained Credit


Students are introduced to the major events of China’s 20th century history from the perspective of Memory Studies. Several topics are covered by this course, and a major thread running through these topics is the impact of the wars (especially the second Sino-Japanese War). After completing this course students can understand China’s 20th Century history in a fresher way and be able to apply the analytical tools of Memory Studies to understand a given historical event or phenomenon.

Course Topics:

  1. Introduction to Memory Studies
  2.  “War of Resistance against Japan”: Remembrances, Legacies and beyond
  3.  “No Dogs and Chinese Allowed”, Foreign Presence in China
  4.  “Selling Piglets and Chinatowns”, Overseas Chinese
  5.  “Ancestral Halls”, Earthbound China
  6.  “The Floating World”: Urban China
  7.  “Long Gowns, Suits and Mao Suits”: Struggles of Chinese Intellectuals