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VE506 – Selected Topics in Nanotechnology



Credits: 3 credits



Selected topics is nanotechnology is an introductory course designed for graduate students with interest in a research areas related to nanotechnology or for students who wish to gain knowledge and insight about the field. By its nature, nanotechnology is an interdisciplinary field, building on latest progress especially in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Engineering. The ability of cross-disciplinary communication is absolutely crucial to achieve progress in the field. Nanotechnology represents one of the fastest growing fields in science and Technology. Applications of nanotechnology range widely from advanced electronics to energy storage and conversion to biomedical uses. There are no formal course pre-requisites. The physical behavior at the nanometer scale is governed by laws of quantum mechanics, however, in this course the focus is on engineering applications rather that the governing equations. The course starts with a general introduction to nanotechnology, its history, trend, research directions and so on.  Principles of Electron Microscopy as the main characterization tool in nano-features will be covered. Various fabrication methods of nanoparticles, thin films, bulk nano-structured materials and nano-features and patterns as well advanced properties of nanomaterials will be discussed.

Course Topics: