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ME6110J – Constitutive Modeling and Constitutive Updates of Solids


Yongxing Shen

Credits: 3



This course introduces the general principles of constitutive modeling of solids, and algorithms for the constitutive updates of some of such models. The first part of the course focuses on homogeneous
material modeling. First, the general thermodynamic and objectivity concerns of modeling are presented, an d then hy perelastic c onstitutive models are elaborated in the context of large eformations, of which anisotropic linear elasticity will be treated as a special case. Then models with internal variables such as plasticity, viscoplasticity and damage will be discussed, togethe r with the relevant updating algorithms such as return mapping The second part of the course is on the modeling of heterogeneous materials, with a focus on methods to obtain their effective properties, from analytic ethods to asymptotic homogenization.

Course Topics: